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· Visitors to Olympics urged to get permits
· Farm subsidies to help post-disaster reconstruction
· New rules on payouts in IPR cases
· Power suppliers given deadline
· China to step up anti-corruption crackdown
· Yunnan continues to suffer from snow, sleet
· Gov't solicits opinion to honor martyrs
· Officials to be gauged on performances in disaster
· Policies stepped up to promote employment
· Chemical plants to be moved out of Guangzhou
· Improvement of energy structure stressed
· Plan to improve rural sanitation
· Tsang accepts Li's resignation
· Snow blocks highways in Yunnan
· Water supply resumes after oil spill scare

· 29 expelled from top legislature, advisory body
· Alarm removed in snow-hit areas
· Snowstorm won't affect food prices 'heavily'
· Local leadership gets younger with reshuffles
· Former police chief shoots dead superior
· Gov't intensifies crackdown on horror videos
· Police crack 7,802 tax-related cases in 2007
· Online wild animal trade targeted
· China tightens control on medical equipment purchases
· Gov't plans safer roads, waterways by 2010
· 5,000 illegal immigrants sent back last year
· Netizens moved by leaders' holiday visits to common people
· China to investigate power disruption in south
· President Hu spends holiday in disaster-hit area
· Senior Communist official extends greetings to police

· Power shortages darken Shanghai's holiday lamps
· 200 million 'harmful' pieces of web info removed
· Students staying in Beijing get stipends, part-time jobs
· Power mostly restored in snow-stricken areas
· Timely paychecks for migrants in the works
· Stranded workers in Yunnan snowstorm evacuated, victims identified
· Senior Chinese leader visits noted cultural figures
· Court mandated to conduct impartial government trials
· China increases subsistence allowance
· Premier calls for courage, patience
· Vice premier stresses policy, engineering consultation
· Official: Webcast limit benefits public interest
· 'We have faith,' Premier Wen tells country
· SFDA outlines rules for drug donations
· Beijing slams Taiwan's 'referendum on UN membership'

· Inspectors promise to improve drug safety
· Authorities secure $29m of delayed wages
· No effort spared, President Hu says
· Leaders' visits boost morale amid weather crisis
· Campaign targets on-line sales of illegal drugs
· Shanghai to solicit further public opinion on maglev line
· Ministries take steps to bring relief to people
· China vows to deepen rural reform in 2008
· China sees rise in economic crimes in 2007
· China fights 'war' against snow havoc
· Minimum allowance scheme 'meets target'
· IPR protection to be expanded
· China works to limit snow-related chaos
· Power supply tops gov't agenda
· Mainland to strive for cross-strait peace in 2008: official

· Gov't urges conservation to ease winter power disruption
· Xinjiang's stability has national strategic value
· Agricultural produce supply stressed
· Jiang Daming elected governor of Shandong
· China pays subsidies to nuclear test participants
· Officials punished for misconducts in local govt. reshuffle
· More websites set up for corruption report
· China urged to reduce dependence on fossil fuels
· Class B warrants for bank corruption suspects
· Campaign halves bike thefts
· Draft legislation designed to combat exam cheats
· Cold weather adding to nation's power problem
· Manufacturers urged to use nutrition labels
· Law revision helps the disabled
· Monitoring system to aid product quality

May 15-17, Shanghai Women's Forum Asia
Dec. 12-13 Beijing China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue
Nov. 27-28 Beijing China-EU Summit

A princess re-born
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Puccini's birth, the newly-open China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA, also known as National Grand Theater) and Ricordi have commissioned Hao to write the first "Chinese edition" of Turandot which will premiere at the NCPA on March 21 through 26.
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