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· Riverside Talks
· A diplomat's accounts, a nation's history
· China releases report on book publishing industry
· China's National Library cuts service fees
· Silk books: The Analects of Confucius
· China's cultural encyclopedia to cover 20,000 ancient works
· The year's best books: A selection from US press
· Celebrities celebrate fashion mag release
· Israeli female writers' masterpieces published in China
· Jews in Old China: Studies by Chinese Scholars
· Chinese author nominated for Japanese literary awards
· Still writing Texas author Shrake 'just never stops'
· Norville harvests 'power' of gratitude
· Shaolin Temple abbot publishes Kung-fu magazines
· China to launch 'book-reading campaign'

· Anne Frank's story on display in National Library
· A dictionary especially designed for foreign learners of Chinese
· Japanese editon of Nanjing massacre book in Tokyo
· Literary agents fingered for pulp fiction
· Search to see who's the wildest about Harry
· Names of Nanjing Massacre victims published
· Modern spin of Confucius to come in English
· Fighting off the wolves
· Chinese version of Sarkozy's new book published
· First dictionary for HSK candidates makes a debut
· China reports growing number of magazine titles
· Thai Princess records Qinghai-Tibet trip in new book
· Pride, courage and battle on the goldfields
· A woman who cried for justice
· Chinese author scoops inaugural literature prize

· China confiscates 30.46 million illegal publications in three months
· 2007 Wealthy Writers List unveiled
· China's largest publishing distribution center launched
· Final Harry Potter book released in Chinese
· Chinese Harry Potter 7 to be released on Sunday
· Li Xiang launches E-magazine Believe
· Bill Porter's Road to Heaven
· Frankfurt Book fair chief lauds progress of Chinese publishers
· Digital products pose biggest threat to book industry
· German publisher to publish book of photographs on China
· Last emperor's brother to claim memoir copyright
· British female writer Doris Lessing wins Nobel Prize in literature
· Chinese version Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to go on sale
· China's courts asked to settle dispute on last emperor's memoir
· Book on idioms in former Chinese President's anthology published

· China Translation Yearbook 2005-2006 published in Beijing
· Getting Rich First: New China Book
· More Exhibitors to Attend Frankfurt Book Fair
· Shanghai Becomes An Overseas Page Turner
· World's Oldest Ocean-going Ship Holds Largest Floating Book Fair in HK
· Chinese Books Highlight Moscow Book Fair
· Advertisers to Foot the Bill for Book Buyers?
· Pushing the Borders of Chinese Literature
· Writing Successful Books Becomes Kid's Stuff
· Hong Kong's English-language Newspaper to Go Free
· Catching the Book Worm
· Top Literary Agent Seeks Chinese Writers
· China Wants to Talk with the World by Books
· Genghis Khan's Code Published in Bilingual Edition
· Sci-Fi Genre Elevated in China as Conference Closes

· Taiwan Books to Be Available in Mainland Bookstores
· Looking for Science in Science Fiction
· Women Writers Donate Books to Reformatory Girls
· Harlequin Harem Romance Novels: to Be or Not to Be
· It's All Fair as Readers Turn Up in Volumes
· Chinese, Japanese Scholars Donate Ancient Books
· How Harry Spells It Out
· Online Book Shopping Soars in China
· Photo Album on Life of General Shu Yu Published
· The Great Khan:A Man Misunderstood
· French Translation Case a Warning to Chinese Potter Fans
· Old Brothels Become a Common Topic of Beijing Writers
· Websites Now Charging for E-books
· Chinese Generals Publish Book of Art Works
· Newest Potter E-Book May Transform Publication Norms

May 15-17, Shanghai Women's Forum Asia
Dec. 12-13 Beijing China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue
Nov. 27-28 Beijing China-EU Summit

A princess re-born
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Puccini's birth, the newly-open China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA, also known as National Grand Theater) and Ricordi have commissioned Hao to write the first "Chinese edition" of Turandot which will premiere at the NCPA on March 21 through 26.
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