Overseas Professionals Flock Back for Careers

Due to changing international economic environment, the everlasting boom of economy and many preferential policies in China, it has become an irresistible trend for more and more overseas intellectuals to return home for careers, according to sources of a forum held November 19 in Xi'an, China's northwest. The forum is to let overseas Chinese talents exchange their experiences in running business in China and to make their achievements show at home.

Along with the influx of returned Chinese, last year saw a sharp increase of the number of pioneer parks, which offer much convenience for the talents to develop careers there. Currently, there are altogether 53 pioneer parks throughout the country, of which 21 are the state-level ones, increased from 9 at the beginning of this year. And more and more high-quality enterprises emerged at a higher speed than previous years in China.

The forum is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and other two units. It is held to let the pioneer parks to exchange experiences and probe on theories and practices, thereby providing better services for attracting more professionals to return from overseas.

Present at the meeting were officials from state governments and over 100 delegates from the pioneer parks and enterprises.

(People’s Daily November 20, 2001)

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