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Roundup: Stocks in East Asia

Roundup: Stocks in East Asia

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Roundup: Stocks in East Asia

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Higher Growth Expected

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China to Develop Its Own Computer Chips

Guangdong to Export More High-Tech Commodities

Pilot Operation in Forex Repatriation System

Chinese Premier on Rural Structural Reform

Holiday Tourists Number 44.96 Million

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Textile Output Target Set

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Large Oil and Natural Gas Field Found in Sichuan

Suzhou Industrial Park Sees Fast Growth

China to Host APEC Officials Session

More Foreign Investment in North China Province

Minister Urges Centralized Management of Water

Retailers Eager to Invade Guangdong

Beijing Reports Higher GDP in 2000

Chongqing Rises to a Leading Business Center in West China

China Starts Mobile Securities Service

Property Rights Trading Indispensable to China's Capital Market

Retail Sales Shoot up 40% During Holidays

Chinese Dotcoms Undeterred by Estimated Slowdown in Internet Numbers

Acreage Under Grain Plants Hits Record Low