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- SCO Drill Shows Determination to Fight Terrorism
- Memories Rekindled at Show
- Army Says Open to Learn from SCO Troops
- SCO Forces Hold Last Anti-terror Joint Drill Rehearsal
- SCO Joint Drill to Crack Down on 'Three Evil Forces'
- SCO Anti-Terror Drill Holds Decision-Making Practice
- SCO Anti-terror Drill in Full Swing
- Anti-terrorism Is an Important Mission of Chinese Army
- Photo Album on Life of General Shu Yu Published
- Peace Mission Exercises Get Under Way
- Military Industry Opened to Private Businesses
- Weapons R&D Gets Guideline
- Crowds Flock to See Military Show
- Last Batch of Chinese Troops Arrive in Russia for Drills
- Taking Terrorists by Their Horns in a Joint Drill
- Army Issues Rules on Attracting Scientists, Technicians
- Updated Militia Forces Set for Supporting Role
- PLA Budget to Rise with the Economy
- Hu Stresses PLA's Loyalty to CPC
- Military Exhibition a Major Attraction in Beijing
- PLA Not Tolerate Secessionist Moves
- Heroes Welcome: Soldiers Keenly Sought After as Spouses
- Air Force Starts Anti-terror Drill Transport to Russia
- Combat Capabilities of Shipboard Air Troop Expanded
- Former Military Airport Opened to Int'l Flights
- Defense Strategies in Line with the Times
- PLA Ready for Peace Mission Challenge
- China's Third-generation Tank among World's Most Advanced
- Sino-Thai Training Drill Wraps Up
- Air Force Recruits More than 1,400 Pilot Students in 2007
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Song of the New Fourth Army (Chorus)
Three Main Rules of Discipline and the Eight Points for Attention(Orchestra)
Without the Communist Party There Would be no New China (0rchestra)
Workers, Peasants and Soldiers, Unite
- Soldiers Go Through Their Paces
- A Soldier's Images of the Xisha Islands
- The Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945)
- World Celebrations for the End of WWII
- Commemorating Korean War
- Toward A Nuclear-Free World
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