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- US$51m invested to transform military technologies
- 60,000 military officers to be demobilized next year
- 65,000 reserve military officers trained by universities
- Army aids the Henan poor
- Chinese senior military official meets Moroccan navy chief
- Former PLA officers get training at Tsinghua University
- Symposium on cultivating commanding talents held
- PLA delegation leaves for Turkey, Israel
- New equipment makes life easier for Chinese soldiers
- University of National Defense turns 80
- PLA regulation bans poor driving behavior
- PLA in HK conduct 10th routine rotation
- PLA's Macao Garrison makes eighth troop rotation
- Demobilized soldiers of PLA Macao garrison find work with civilian employers
- PLA issues new regulation, banning poor driving behavior
- China's defense industry has 23,000 standards
- Artillery brigade enhances rapid response capability
- Artillery brigade enhances rapid response capability
- PLA tightens control on new uniforms for demobilizing personnel
- PLA demonstrates its logistic capabilities
- PLA prevents illegal recruitment and ineligible recruits
- Military electromagnetic exercise concluded
- Army launches electromagnetic war game
- Newly Party Constitution intensifies PLA's missions
- New Zealand warship visits south China harbor
- PLA lowers age range for military pilot trainees
- 2 Chinese naval vessels return home from European tour
- PLA generals support absolute Party leadership
- Top PLA generals accentuate military preparedness
- New Zealand Navy frigate concludes port call to Shanghai
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- Organization of the PLA
Guerilla March
Song of Graduation (Chorus)
On the Taihang Mountains (Chorus)
Fighting Song of the Chinese People's Volunteers (Chorus)
2005 Evaluation Report on China's Reform
The book is the first analysis and evaluation report on China's reform for a single year.
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- Soldiers Go Through Their Paces
- A Soldier's Images of the Xisha Islands
- The Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945)
- World Celebrations for the End of WWII
- Commemorating Korean War
- Toward A Nuclear-Free World
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