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Li Hongzhi, Arch-criminal: Commentary
"Falun Gong"-addicted practitioner Fu Yibin, a spiritual victim and prey to Li Hongzhi and "Falun Gong" cult, lately ruthlessly shopped his father and wife to death and badly wounded his mother. As irrefutable evidence calling for people's deep thought, the tragedy constitutes new crimes by arch-criminal Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Gong" cult.

Fu Yibin had been an honest man and a good son born into an ordinary family in Beijing. But how could such a man become a cold-blooded killer of his dearest? Doubtless, there is Li Hongzhi and "Falun Gong" cult that controls him along with those in no way to extricate themselves from the tragic traps Li Hongzhi has set. We should say sanguine killers like Fu are as good as dead and have already lost their formal self. They are just a pack of dead-alive showing no feeling, no compassion and no love to their families, not to say their friends and bounden duties to the society. "Attaining consummation", "escalating" themselves "to an advanced level" and "going up to live in the heavenly world" have fully occupied their mind. Insane killing of their dears and their dearest and even themselves is just showing "benevolence", "moral" and "virtuous" acts they are performing. Since Fu Yibin most ruthlessly killed his father and wife and almost choked his mother dead without batting an eye, what tragedies would not be up when these dead-alive persons like Fu should be given a free hand to!

Mind control has all along been the chief means employed by various cults as are known to people throughout the world. Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Gong" are by no means excepted. There is no denying harms brought to people by "Falun Gong" cult for its cruelest inhuman nature has already been to a most horrible extent in China! However, a firm hand has already been applied by the Chinese Government to crack it down to the wide acclaim of people in China. These also include a large number of those once haunted by wild hallucinations and fallacies of Li Hongzhi and "Falun Gong" cult. As things now stand in China, great in-depth efforts are still being made to root out all the virus Li Hongzhi has spread, making sure that all criminal vices of Li Hongzhi be totally eliminated on the Chinese land.

Though "Falun Gong" and its cultic organizations have been outlawed yet the culprit still runs amuck in a foreign land, not resigning himself to defeat and trying his best on the Internet to carry out various destructive activities. He never forgets issuing his fallacious "scriptures" and "instructions" to cheat on his followers and conduct various sad inhuman tragedies to be created. To bring social disruptions and obstruct China's modernization construction, harm ordinary souls in China, destroy the country's state power is what this arch-criminal has driven at. But Li Hongzhi can deceive no one in China. Li with his vile deeds will certainly meet head-on blow. On our part, strong defense wall is being built on the Chinese land there will leave no room for arch-criminal Li and his "Falun Gong" virus to spread.

(People's Daily December 25, 2001)

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