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Teng Chunyan Denies Receiving Poor Treatment in Prison

A China News Service reporter recently interviewed Teng Chunyan, arrested for “spying and illegally revealing information to overseas agents” on July 27, 2000, and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment by Beijing’s First Intermediate People’s Court on December 12, 2000. A Chinese citizen with US permanent resident status, Teng Chunyan denied receiving poor treatment in prison, as had been reported.

When asked about her life in prison, Teng Chunyan told the China News Service correspondent that she had never received inhumane treatment of any kind in the prison, on the contrary she said that the prison’s service and management was very good. She also said she had never been psychologically or verbally abused.

According to the correspondent, Teng shares a room with 12 other prisoners. She is also allowed to read English novels. Every week, prisoners can go dancing and singing for entertainment, and during weekends, they can watch TV or enjoy karaoke. As a member of the prison’s art and literature group, Teng has participated in many stage performances.

Teng Chunyan’s father told the correspondent that many people abroad care a lot about his daughter. He added that those who truly care about her should let the public know that everything is going well for Teng Chunyan.

(China News Service, translated for china.org.cn by Feng Shu, November 20, 2001)

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