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SEPA Press Releases
- SEPA Closes 400 Heavy Polluters
- SEPA Considers Pollution Liability Insurance
- Ban Slapped on Polluting Cities, Zones
- SEPA Calls for More Public Involvement
- SEPA: Pollution Picture to Brighten This Year
- Factories Closed for Polluting Taihu Lake
- China to Automate Real-time Monitoring of Polluters
- SEPA Blocks 12 Industrial Projects for Lack of Public Support
- Pollution Figures to Be Made Public
- More Regular Bans for Big Polluters
- Dragon's Tale May Be Short
- Power Plants to Cut SO2 Emissions by 2/3
- SEPA: Pollution Control Requires Accountability
- Enterprises Violating Environmental Protection Rules Will Struggle to Get Bank Loans
- China Speeds Up 1st Survey on Soil Pollution
- Pollution Control Targets Not Met Last Year
- Green Watchdog Targets Hidden Polluters
- SEPA Warns of Crackdown on Foreign Waste Imports
- SEPA Closely Monitoring British Shipments of Garbage to China
- China Reports One Pollution Incident Every Two Days
- Environment Watchdog Slams Local Governments
- Nationwide Pollution Sources to Be Probed
- China 'Thinks Green' in Purchasing
- Pollution Increases in First Half of 2006
- China Warns Investors of New Environmental Controls
- 37% of Chinese Land Suffers from Soil Erosion
- SEPA Hails 6 Companies
- Chinese Environmental NGOs Called on to Play a Bigger Role
- Big Scheme to Handle a Lot of Garbage
- China Promises Safe Drinking Water for Peasants
- National Program Drafted to Protect Marine Environment
- 213 Factories Shut Down for Heavy Pollution
- Local Protection on Illegal Enterprises to Be Probed
- Local Authorities Slammed for Pollution Cover-ups
- China Sees One Water Pollution Accident in 2-3 Days
- GDP -- Gross Domestic Pollution?
- Polluters Along Songhua River to Be Closed
- Severely Polluted Cities Announced
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