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A policeman grimaces while being sent to a hospital in Numaniya, south of Baghdad on Monday Oct. 9, 2006. On Sunday evening, 350 to 400 policemen suffered food poisoning at a meal at a base south of Baghdad.
Saddam Hussein listens to a witness testimony during his trial in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Monday Oct. 9, 2006. Saddam's forces buried a Kurdish family alive in a mass grave during a military operation against ethnic Kurds in the 1980s, a witness told the genocide trial of the ousted Iraqi leader on Monday.
Soldiers carry the coffin of Gen. Amir al-Hashimi, brother of Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, during a funeral in Baghdad Monday, October 9, 2006. He was assassinated at home on Monday.
Soldiers sift through the rubble of a building damaged after a suicide bomb attack in Tal Afar town near Mosul, about 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, Oct. 7, 2006. A suicide car bomb killed 14 people, including four soldiers, and wounded 13, including nine civilians, at an Iraqi Army checkpoint in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar, the town's police chief said.
US ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad (R) escorts US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice upon her arrival at Baghdad airport Oct. 5, 2006. Rice flew into Baghdad on Thursday for a surprise visit to press Iraqi leaders to resolve their differences and ease raging sectarian violence that has killed thousands.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Reconstruction of Iraq
UN Weapons Inspection in Iraq
UN Monitoring Commission Continues Analysis Work on Iraq
Hans Blix: Iraq Destroyed Weapons of Massive Destruction 10 Years Ago
Envoys: Progress Made on Iraqi Uranium
Blix Questions Basis of Iraq War
Blix Defends Inspectors' Credibility
UN Appoints Acting Chief for Iraq Weapons Inspection Body
UN Nuclear Experts Visit Iraqi Plant
Blix: UNMOVIC Ready to Be Independent Verifier for Findings in Iraq
US and UN Inspectors Divided over Inspections in Iraq
Chief UN Inspector Wishes to Do Further Inspection Work Independently
Blix Accuses US of Discrediting UN Inspectors
UN Inspectors Could Be Back in Iraq in Weeks, Blix Says
Time Not Right for UN Inspectors Back to Iraq: US Spokeswoman
No Evidence to Prove Iraq Owns WMD: Chief UN Inspector
Blix to Step down as Chief UN Inspector in June
All UN Staff Withdraw from Iraq: Spokesman
UN Urged to Meet Challenges Arising from Imminent War
Blix Lists Key Remaining Tasks for Iraq to Fulfill
Chief UN Inspectors Invited to Visit Baghdad ASAP
Iraq Destroys Four More Al Sumoud 2 Missiles
Chinese Weapons Inspector Confirmed Dead in Iraq: FM
Chinese Inspector in Iraq Confirmed Dead: Embassy
Blix to Submit List of Key Remaining Disarmament Tasks Next Week
Iraq Begins Destroying More Al-Samoud Missiles
Iraq to Submit New Report
Iraq Agrees to Destroy Al Samoud Missiles
Blix Says No Iraqi 慒undamental Decision�to Disarm
Blix Says Iraq Signals New Cooperation
Iraq Withholds Banned Missiles Decision
U-2 Starts First Mission Amid Looming War on Iraq
Iraq Expects UN Inspectors to Deliver Positive Reports
UN Discusses Inspection Reports, Iraq Pledges Cooperation
UN Inspectors' Reports Draw Mixed Reactions
UN Inspectors Check Iraqi Missiles
UN Inspectors Present Mixed Picture of Iraq's Disarmament Efforts
Iraqi General: US Report 'Ridiculous'
Iraq's Weapons Report Not Immediately Leads to War
Iraq's Arms Report Arrives at UN Headquarters
UN Inspection in Iraq Enters Fifth Day
UN Inspection in Iraq Has Good Start
UN Team to Begin Inspection in Iraq on Nov. 27

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