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A vehicle burns after a bomb attack in Kirkuk, 155 miles north of Baghdad, October 28, 2007.
Residents gather at the scene of a car bomb attack in Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad Oct. 11, 2007. A car bomb targeting the traffic police chief of Kirkuk killed at least seven people and wounded 50 others, the latest in a spate of attacks on senior police officials in northern Iraq.
US troops would probably stay in Iraq for a "protracted period" despite gradual withdrawal, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Sunday, September 16, 2007.
Iraqi children look at a US soldier patrolling in the al-Allawi neighbourhood in central Baghdad. The Iraqi government has only reached 7 of its 18 political and security goals US Congress set in May, said a newly-released report on Tuesday, September 4, 2007.
US President Bush(center) shakes hands with an Iraqi tribal leader during a meeting with tribal leaders at Al-Asad Airbase in Anbar province, Iraq, Monday, Sept. 3, 2007.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Reconstruction of Iraq
Iraqi Situation improves, challenges still remain
Iraq's reconciliation remains on rocks
Bush's Iraq Journey Preludes to Policy Change?
Iraq 'Failure' Report to Hasten Bush's What to Do Next Count
Why the US Isn't Leaving Iraq Any Time Soon
Iraqi Refugee Crisis
US and Japan Must Admit Iraq War a Mistake
Four Years After Saddam Statue Fall, Iraq Still in Chaos
Time to Change Strategy
Four Bloody Years
Iraq War: a Victory or Failure?
Four Years on, ever Mounting Price of Iraq War
Conflict Is Relatively Affordable
Hope for Peace in Iraq
Conference Shows Spirit of Reconciliation: Experts
Attempt at Iraqi Peace
Hindsight Still Not 20/20 Refiguring Cost of Iraq War
Children of War: The Generation Traumatised by Violence in Iraq
Bolton: US Has 'No Strategic Interest' in United Iraq
Bush Backers Seek Iraq 'Benchmarks'
A New Iraq Strategy But Old Problems Remain
Will Bush's New Iraq Strategy Work?
Saddam's 'Snuff Video' Signals the End of Editorial Control
Saddam Execution Unlikely to End Chaos in Iraq
Saddam Verdict Difficult to Bring Peace to Iraq
Chinese Experts: Saddam's Death Sentence Could Aggravate Situation
Iraq War Fuels Terror
Worsening Strife in Iraq
Disagreements with Iraqi PM Pose New Challenge to US
Talks Beginning with False News During the Iraq War
Not End of War in Iraq
Iraqi Oil Still at Risk
Vital Step Forward for Iraq
When Will Iraqi 'Political Vacuum' End?
Divided Iraq Could Be Torn Apart by Civil War
Iraq's Future Clouded by Sectarian Violence
Torture, Killings Widespread in Iraq
The Question of Civilization in War
Stability in Iraq Will Make or Break US Anti-terror Struggle
Election is Milestone in Rebuilding of Iraq
Bush's 'Victory Strategy' Seen by Many as No Guarantee for Iraq
Charter Is Accepted But Reality Still Grim
Saddam Trial Puts Iraq in the Dock
No Relaxation after Iraq's Constitution Referendum
New Constitution for Divided Nation
Iraq's Political Process Uncertain
Cindy's Anger
Heavy Losses Mount Pressure for Early US Pullout
Has Iraq Changed for Better Since Handover?
Power Sharing Vital to Unite Iraq
Iraq -- Heaven or Hell After Two Years?
Why Is New Iraqi Gov't Egg-bound?
Bumpy Road Ahead to Form New Iraqi Gov't
Big Cuts in US Forces in Iraq Unlikely Until 2006
Iraqis Embrace Democratic Action
Chinese Experts on Post-election Iraq
Major Challenges Confronting New Government
Violence-tarnished Polls Call for Ultimate Peace Solution
Lack of Trust a Hurdle for New Iraqi Democracy
Resentment Grows As Poll Approaches
Iraq Pandora's Box Hard to Close
Arab League Faces Challenges in Resolving Regional Crises
Trial of Saddam's Regime Hastily Arranged
Power Struggle Could Trigger Sectarian Conflict in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight on Anniversary of Saddam Capture
Iraqi Election Creates Unusual Alliances
Three Difficulties in Reconstruction of Iraq
Peaceful Iraq Still a Far-fetched Scenario
What Will Bloodbath in Fallujah Bring About?
NATO Presence in Iraq Won't Solve Problems
Nothing to Support Bush Invasion Claim
Operation in Iraq Faces Bumpy Road
Historical Distortions Won't Vindicate Bush
Iraqi Government Faces Daunting Challenges
Shaky 'Sovereignty' for Iraq
US Awkward in Handling Prisoner Abuse Scandal
Images of Lynch, England Reflect US Opinion of War
Bush Puts New Labels on Same Old Rhetoric
Supplement by US Soldiers to 'US Human Rights Report'
Amid Iraqi Anger, Prison Scandal Response
US Flaunting Double Standard
US Credibility Dented over Iraqi Prisoner Abuses
Prisoner Abuse Scandal Sinks US Ship of Human Rights
Chinese Expert Slams Iraq Prisoner Abuse
Ending Violence-plagued Occupation of Iraq
What Turned US Soldiers into Sadists?
Privilege Trampling on Human Rights
US Troops' Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners Violates Geneva Convention
Prisoner Abuse Scandal Puts Bush Reelection at Risk
Iraqi POW Abuse Shakes Bush's Mideast Policy
Abuse Scandal Weakens Bush's Leadership
Image of 'Statue of Liberty', a Big Downturn
Iraq Abuse Exposes US Double Standard in Human Rights
No Plausible Excuse for Prisoner Abuse
Bush Forced to Make Apology
Spanish Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq Knocked down Dominos
US Should Follow Spain in Bringing Home Troops
Go-it-alone Policy Gets Bush Nowhere
Iraqi Issue Should Be Solved Within UN Framework
UK, US Show Differences over Policies on Iraq: Report
Kidnappings Fan Flames of Iraqi Resistance Forces
Iraqis Start Hostage-taking as New Policy for Resistance
Bush Administration Faces Test in Iraq
Bloodshed Jeopardizes Transition of Power
Clashes in Basra Reflect Difference Between UK, US Forces
Britons Feel No Safer a Year After Iraq War: Paper
Interview: Iraqi Human Rights Official Says Saddam Trial Not Far Away
Iraq War Bears Lots of 'Bitter Fruit' in the Past Year
Iraq War Transforms US Foreign Policy
Spanish Elections Deal Blow to US
Architects of War Not Worthy of Peace Prize
Is Iraq Bush's Intel-gate?
Pacifist Policies in Japan's Best Interest
Yet Another Blight on US, British Credibility
Time for Bush to Come Clean on Iraq
World Still Waiting for Real Truth from Bush
Faulty 'Intelligence' Hurts US
Suicide Bombing Returns to Baghdad as Meeting on Power Transfer Imminent
As a POW, Saddam's Future Still Uncertain
Impact of Saddam's Capture Uncertain
Iraq, Economy Dominate US Presidential Campaign in 2003
Saddam's Capture Only Fleetingly Felt on Oil Market
Commentary: Return Power to Iraqis
Japan Needs to Rethink Its Military Role
Deaths in Iraq Divide Koreans on Troop Plan
Bush's Iraq Coup Unlikely to Boost US Polls
US, UK Stress Unity for Winning Peace in Iraq
Roundup: US-led War in Iraq Regains Momentum
US, Japan Seek Mutual Supports on Iraq, DPRK
US Strategy of 'Iraqification' Controversial
US Eyes Alternatives to Iraqi Council: Leading Newspaper
Baghdad, City of Bombs
Downed Copter Reveals Reality in Iraq: News Analysis
Iraq's Reconstruction Prospect Remains Hazy Despite More Aid Pledges
Analysis: Resolution Is Symbolic Victory
US Heavy-handedness Angers Iraqis
Lack of Troops, Funds Troubling Bush
More Rhetoric, No Solutions from Bush
Roundup: Iraq Rejects US Proposal of Peacekeeping Forces from Its Neighbors
First Trip for New Iraqi Minister
Bush Lacks Quick Fix on Iraq Security
UN Role Key in Rebuilding Iraq
Who's Going to Close 'the Gate of Hell'?
News Analysis: Iraq Faces Prospect of 'Lebanonization'?
Why Can't Blair Escape the 'Intelligence Gate' Case?
Peace May Cost More Lives Than Iraq War
Comment: US Faces Escalation of Resistance in Both Iraq and Afghanistan
US Bids to Involve More Nations in Iraq: Newspaper
Commentary: Victim of Terrorism and US Policy
Roundup: US Forces' Apology Turned down by Shiites
Arab Countries' Decision Deals Heavy Blow to Iraqi Interim Council
Oil Wealth May not Mean Iraq Will Prosper
US Moved to Undermine Iraqi Military Before War: Report
News Analysis: Insecurity Is 'Mother of Problems' in Iraq
Bush Tries to Ride out Intelligence Crisis
US Loath to Pay Price for NATO Help in Policing Iraq
Businesses Eye Iraq Opportunities
Japan's New Approved Plan to Promote SDF Roles Overseas
News Analysis: Kelly Affair an Irreversible Hurt to Blair
Iraqi Issue Should Be Back onto the UN Table: Comment
News Analysis: Intelligence Scandal Not to Harm Howard's Career
Newspaper: US Has to Fall back on UN for Solution to Iraq Issue
Washington Post: Black Thursday for Bush
CIA Chief Eats Humble Pie over Claim
Iraq: A Country Without National Government
Truth and Credibility Blown Apart
'Smoking Gun' Turns on Bush
Iraq's Wealth of Oil, a Grace or a Curse?
News Analysis: Iraq's Political Landscape Remains Fluid
Iraq War Brings about Profound Impact on World
Stalemate on Sanction Lift a Blow to US
Neighbours Back Iraqi Self-determination
Looting Iraq National Museum Is A Catastrophe to Human Civilization
US Saber-rattling Designed to Scare Syria into Changing Behavior
France Stands for Multipolarization of World
Iraq War Causes Worldwide Negative Impact: Saudi Official
Iraq War Has Limited Impact on World Economy's Recovery: German Economist
News Analysis: Petersburg Summit Calls for UN's Central Role in Iraq Restoration
News Analysis: US-led Forces Still Face Numerous Challenges in Iraq
No Need to Get Overly Pessimistic About World Economy: IMF Official
US Official: Victory Is not yet in Hand
New Global Order Takes Shape
UK Cabinet Minister Warns of Baghdad Humanitarian Crisis
US Action Nothing Short of a Crime
Russian-US Relationship in Iraq War, Post-war Reconstruction
Gone with the Fire -- Scholar Laments Destruction of Civilization in War-tortured Iraq
Humanitarian Situation in Iraq Under Pressure: UN
Baghdad Hospitals Close to Breaking Point -- ICRC
The War to Topple Saddam Is a Burden on the Americans
Bush, Blair Meet in Belfast on Issues of Iraq, Mid East, N.Ireland
Factors Hindering US Hegemonic Moves
Chinese Paper Sees Media Manipulation in Iraq War
Blair Likely to Follow Washington Again?
US Unilateralism May Lead to New Arms Race
German Minister Criticizes Military Expense Hike
China's Oil Safety Expected to Maintain Stable
Retired Myanmar Ambassador Criticizes US for War Against Iraq
Western 'Freedom of the Press' in War Coverage Is Puzzling
News Analysis: Bush, Blair to Decide on UN Role in Postwar Reconstruction of Iraq
US Stocks Close Mixed Amid Downbeat Employment Report, War Concerns
War on Iraq Important Part of US Mideast Strategy: Expert
Killer and Killed Heroes of Tragedy
News Analysis: Why Iraq Rejects New UN Oil-for-food Resolution
Ordinary Americans Are Burdened with Anxiety
US Policy Reeking of Unilateralism
Former FM Criticizes Britain's Involvement in Iraq War
Pulitzer Prize Winner Says US War Plan Has Failed
Calls from 'the Peoples of the United Nations'
US-British Troops Forced to Change War Strategy
Iraq War Threatens World Economic Recovery
Can Iraq War Drive European Defense Integration?
Chinese NGO Head on US, British Military Action Against Iraq
Iraq Remains Test for Unity of UN Security Council
Latin American Economies Under Impact of Iraq War
Iraqi Leader Saddam is Winning the Propaganda War
Iraq, Testing Ground for US Hi-tech Weapons
When Will the Humanitarian Disasters End?
Iraq War Deepens British Consumer Gloom
Authenticity of Reports Shadowed by Smoke of Gun Powder
Humanitarian Crisis of US Making
War May Be Long and Costly for US
Consequences of the Iraq War Is Worrying: Chinese Experts
Iraqi War Has Potential to Reshape World Order
What Is US Driving at in Iraq?
US Bogged Down in an Unjust War
War on Iraq Opens Pandora Box
Clark's Tough Talk on NZ's Role in Post-war Iraq
Will Iraq War Give a Push to US Economy?
Can US Score Swift Victory over Iraq?
News Analysis: Iraq War, a Tougher Task Than Gulf War for US
Chinese Experts on Military Actions in Iraq
US Economy to Continue Struggling After War on Iraq Began
China Appeals for Halt to Military Action Against Iraq
Anti-war Voices Reflect Public Opinions
Chirac Says US, Britain Violate International Law
Iraq War Lacks Legality
Why Has War on Iraq Broken out?
News Analysis: Seoul Supports US War on Iraq with View to Mending Ties
Analysis: Iraq War Surely Brings Impact on Asia Pacific
US Energy Secretary Says War Will Not Disrupt US Oil Supplies
Israeli May Escalate Action
War on Iraq Against Common Aspiration: Chinese Newspaper
Bush Falters at 'Moment of Truth'
Pakistan's Abstention Will Cost Little
Why Leaders of Three Cosponsoring Countries Meet in Azores Summit?
The Paradox of American Power: Commentary
US Aims to Create Unipolar World Through Iraq Issue: Expert
French Veto Threat Amplifies US, EU Rift
United States Propels Self-interest
International Diplomatic Strife over Iraq Issue: Article
China's Position on Iraq Issue Clear-cut: Article
An Analysis of China's Policy on Iraq Issue
US Moves to Win Russia's Help in Iraq
Washington Pushes up War Efforts
Iraqi Crisis V. a New Round of Global Politics: Expert Comments
US to Redraw Middle East Political, Economic Map
US Has No Reason to Launch Imminent War on Iraq
Commentary: War Against Iraq Is Brash
Oil Market Facing Risk of Price-spike as War Looms
War on Iraq Arouses Environmental Fears Among Chinese Scientists
EU Warns Iraq Inspection Cannot Continue Indefinitely
'Down with Saddam' War Affects World Oil Market
'Material Breach' a US Tactic to Press War

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