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A vehicle burns after a bomb attack in Kirkuk, 155 miles north of Baghdad, October 28, 2007.
Residents gather at the scene of a car bomb attack in Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad Oct. 11, 2007. A car bomb targeting the traffic police chief of Kirkuk killed at least seven people and wounded 50 others, the latest in a spate of attacks on senior police officials in northern Iraq.
US troops would probably stay in Iraq for a "protracted period" despite gradual withdrawal, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Sunday, September 16, 2007.
Iraqi children look at a US soldier patrolling in the al-Allawi neighbourhood in central Baghdad. The Iraqi government has only reached 7 of its 18 political and security goals US Congress set in May, said a newly-released report on Tuesday, September 4, 2007.
US President Bush(center) shakes hands with an Iraqi tribal leader during a meeting with tribal leaders at Al-Asad Airbase in Anbar province, Iraq, Monday, Sept. 3, 2007.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Reconstruction of Iraq
China's Stance
Int'l Security Conference to Help Restore Iraqi Stability
China to Write Off Iraqi Debts
China's Position Elaborated at Baghdad Meeting
FM Spokesman on Bush's Pledge of More Troops for Iraq
FM: Iraqi Affairs Should Be Decided by Iraqi People
China Says Fate of Saddam Should Be Decided by Iraqi People
China Willing to Boost Oil Cooperation with Iraq
China Concerned About Iraq's Situation
Chinese FM Responds to al-Zarqawi's Death
Hu Sends Condolences to Iraq on Stampede Disaster
China Expresses Condolences to Iraq over Deadly Stampede
Chinese FM Urges 'Running Iraq by Iraqis'
China Pleased with Recent Progress in Iraq
China Willing to Continue Help in Iraq's Reconstruction
China Hopes Elections Will Help Stabilize Iraq
Kong Reiterates China's Stance on Iraqi Election
Iraqi Leader's Visit Conducive to Ties: FM
FM Confirms Kidnapped Chinese Return to Embassy
China to Take All Measures to Rescue Hostages in Iraq
Premier Calls for Greater UN Role in Iraq
China Continues Providing Aid to Iraq
China Hopes UN Oil-for-food Inquiry Fair, Objective
Support for Consensus on Iraq Needed: FM
China Supports Fair Iraqi Elections
Chinese Special Envoy Attends Iraq Conference
China Concerned over Escalation in Iraq
Chinese Embassy in Iraq Reopens
China Congratulates Iraq on Sovereignty Transfer
Iraq Resolution Constitutes a Milestone: Ambassador
Chinese FM Talks over Phone with Powell, Annan
China Welcomes Revised UN Iraq Draft
China Welcomes New Iraqi Gov't
China Urges Sovereignty Restored to Iraq
Sending Multinational Force to Iraq Necessary: FM
China Proposes Amendments to US-UK Resolution on Iraq
FM: Iraq's Destiny Should Be Controlled by Iraqi People
China, Nations Seek Iraq Resolution Change
China Raises Iraqi Issue Proposal to UN
China Supports a New UN Resolution on Iraq
UN Urged to Address Arabic Concerns
China Stunned by Iraqi IGC Leader's Assassination
China Calls for Thorough Probe into Iraq Prison Abuses
China Condemns Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
Efforts of UN Special Envoy for Iraq Appreciated
FM Spokesman: Iraqi Sovereignty Inseparable
UN Should Consider Iraqi People's Opinions When Making Decisions
Kidnapped Chinese Free, to Be Home Soon
China Hopes All Sides in Iraq Remain Calm
Hu Offers Help to Iraqi Peace and Development
China Hopes Iraq Will Resume Stability at an Early Date
FM Spokesman Reiterates China's Stance on Iraq Issue
China Welcomes Signing of Iraq Interim Constitution
China Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Iraq, Pakistan
Chinese Diplomats to Help Chinese Businessmen in Iraq
Chinese Diplomats Arrive in Baghdad
Diplomats' Iraq Return Set to Go Ahead
China to Cut Iraq Debts, Reopen Embassy
China Concerned About Japan Dispatching Troops to Iraq
Hu Vows to Continue Efforts on Iraqi Reconstruction
China Considers Forgiving Iraq Debts
Chinese FM Spokesman on Saddam Capture
China Willing to Help Iraq Achieve Peace, Stability, Development
China Hopes for Iraqis' Early Administration of Their Own Affairs
China Hopes for Early Stability in Iraq
Chinese State Councilor on Iraq and Middle East Situation
Bombings in Iraq Strongly Condemned
China Hopes to See Positive Donors' Conference for Iraq
Revised Draft Will Promote Settlement of Iraq Issues: Chinese FM
China Supports UN Resolution to Stabilize Iraqi Situation
FM Spokeswoman: Consensus Expected on New Iraq Resolution
China to Attend Conference on Iraq Reconstruction
UN Should Help Iraq Regain Sovereignty: Foreign Minister
New UN Security Council Resolution on Iraq Necessary: FM Spokesman
Chinese, French Presidents Stress UN Role in Iraq
China Laments Death of IGC Member
Chinese FM Stresses Importance of Quick Return of Power to Iraqis
China Calls for Consensus on Iraq Resolution
Chinese FM to Attend UN Security Council Permanent Members' Meeting on Iraq
China Hopes Consensus on Iraq Can Be Reached Soon: FM Spokesman
China Studying US-drafted Resolution on Iraq: FM Spokesman
FM Spokesman: China Welcomes Iraqi New Government
Chinese FM Condemns Najaf Car Bombing
Chinese FM Expresses Condolence to Brazil for the Death of UN Envoy
China Stands Firmly Behind UN in All Endeavors: Chinese FM
Chinese President Strongly Condemns Baghdad Bombing
China Shocked at Bombing Against UN Iraq Headquarters
China Puts Forth Proposal on Reconstruction in Post-war Iraq
Resumption of Calm in Iraq Imperative: FM Spokesman
Chinese UN Envoy Stresses Iraq's Sovereignty, Greater UN Role
China Welcomes Establishment of Iraqi Governing Council
China Hopes Parties Concerned Implement Resolution 1483
China Supports Qatar's Move to Establish a Higher Education Fund in Iraq
China Expects UN to Play Due Role in Iraq Rebuilding
Iraq Issue Must Be Handled Under UN Charter: FM Spokeswoman
China to Be 'Constructive' on UN Talks on Iraq Sanctions
Chinese, Saudi Arabian FMs Consult via Telephone
Chinese FM, British Foreign Secretary Talk over Phone
Chinese, Russian FMs Discuss Iraq Issue on Phone
Chinese FM, Powell Discuss Iraq on Phone
China Sends Diplomats to Baghdad for Embassy Checkup
Iraq's Internal Affairs Should Be Handled by Iraqi People: Chinese FM
China Deeply Regrets Looting of Iraq National Museum
Chinese State Councilor on Principles for Reconstruction in Post-war Iraq
China Will Offer Consideration on Iraq Reconstruction at Appropriate Time
No Staff of Iraqi Embassy in China Seeking Asylum
China Condemns Robbery at Chinese Embassy to Iraq
China to Continue Providing Humanitarian Aid to Iraq
China Stresses UN Role in Postwar Iraqi Affairs
China, Russia Emphasize Importance of UN
China Firm on UN's Decisive Role in Post-war Iraq Arrangements
Chinese FM, Russian Vice FM Hold Talks on Iraq Issue
Presidents Call for End to Iraq War
Chinese Expert on Iraq War's Influence on World Stability
Iraqi Ibises Settling Down in Central China
Chinese People Concerned About Iraqi Suffering
China, British FMs Discuss Iraq over Phone
Peking University Students and Foreigners Rally Against War
Humanitarian Aid for Iraqi Refugees Ready for Shipping: Chinese Official
CRCS Donates US$100,000 to Iraqi Refugees
First Batch of Aid for Iraq on the Way
China's Humanitarian Aid Ready for Iraq
China Strongly Calls for End to US-led War Against Iraq
China Deeply Concerned About Humanitarian Situation in Iraq
China Concerned for Taiwanese in Iraq: Spokesman
Suffering of Iraqi People Concerns China: Hu
Respect Geneva Convention on POWs, Urges FM
People Desire and Yearn for Peace: Chinese FM
Chinese State Councilor Meets American Guest
China Appeals for Early Ceasefire in Iraq
Head of Chinese Islamic Association Prays for World Peace
China Calls Again for Early Stop to War
China Offers Humanitarian Aid to Jordan for Iraqi Refugees
Chinese Islamic Association Condemns Military Actions Against Iraq
NPC Statement on Military Actions Against Iraq
CPPCC Calls for End to Military Action Against Iraq
China's CPPCC Shocked, Concerned over Military Actions Against Iraq
China's Top Legislature 'Gravely Worried' over Military Actions Against Iraq
Chinese Foreign Ministry Issues Statement on Iraq Question
Tang, Powell Talk over Phone on Iraq Issue
US-led War on Iraq Violates UN Charter: FM
Japan Urged to Be 慥ery Prudent�in Taking Military Action Overseas
China Regrets Halt of UN Arms Inspections in Iraq
China Expresses Concern About Iraqi Situation: FM Spokesman
Chinese, Russian Presidents Talk over Phone
Chinese, French Presidents Talk over Phone
Chinese, US Presidents Talk over Phone
FM Spokesman Stresses Role of UN Charter
Iraq Issue at Most Crucial Juncture: FM
China Hopes War Can Be Avoided: FM
FM Spokesman: China Willing to Help Inspections in Iraq
Jiang, Chirac Discuss Iraq Issue by Phone
Jiang, Bush Talk over Phone on DPRK, Iraq Issues
Chinese President, German Chancellor Discuss Iraq Issue
Jiang, Blair Discuss Iraq Issue by Phone
China Reiterates Opposition to New Resolution on Iraq
Chinese FM Says No Need to Introduce New Resolution on Iraq
Chinese FM Exchanges Views on Iraq with Russian, French, British Counterparts
Tang Cites Priorities of Solution
China Reiterates Call for Peaceful Settlement of Iraq Crisis
Chinese, French Presidents Talk by Phone
Jiang Talks with Schroeder on Iraq over Phone
Top Legislature Endorses, Supports Chinese Government's Stance on Iraqi, DPRK Nuclear Issues
China's Stance and Diplomatic Effort to Solve Iraq Issue
China Supports Continuation of Weapons Inspection in Iraq
Chinese, Russian FMs Issue Joint Press Communiqu�on Iraq
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Talks on Iraq and DPRK Missile Test
China Hopes to Avoid War in Iraq: FM
China Urges Political Solution to Iraq Issue Within UN Framework
Chinese, Russian Presidents Discuss Iraq Issue by Phone
Chinese President Jiang Stresses Peace, Dialogue for Iraq, Korea Issues
Peaceful Solution for Iraq Still Possible
Chinese, French FMs Discuss Iraq Issue by Phone
Chinese FM Calls for Greater UN Role in Iraqi Crisis
China Playing Responsible Role on Iraq Issue, Experts
Chinese FM Calls for Political Settlement of Iraqi Issue
China to Reaffirm Its Stance on Iraq Issue at UN
Chinese FM to Attend UN Security Council Meeting on Iraq
China Supports Joint Declaration by France, Germany, Russia on Iraq

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