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United States President George W. Bush (R) meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Amman, capital of Jordan, Nov. 30, 2006.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (R) and his Iraqi counterpart Jalal Talabani hold a joint press conference in Tehran on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006. Iran and Iraq vowed to strengthen security cooperation as Talabani wrapped up a three-day visit on Wednesday.
The political bloc loyal to Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006 announced suspension of their role in the parliament and government to protest Iraqi prime minister's meeting with US President George W. Bush.
Family members mourn next to bodies of their relatives at the hospital morgue in Baqouba, 60 kilometers (35 miles) northeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006. A father and two sons were kidnapped three days before and their bodies were found at the morgue.
A resident from the village of Al Jasan steps on the wing of a US F-16 fighter that crashed on a combat mission, about 15 kilometres north of Falluja, Iraq, on Monday, November 27, 2006. The US military confirmed the crash but said it had no information on the fate of the pilot or the cause of the crash.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Reconstruction of Iraq
International Community Response
World Reacts to Saddam's Death Sentence
UK Ambassador: Iraq Is Likely to Break Up
Bush Hails 'New Day' in Iraq; No Word on Troops
Prodi to Propose Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq
Int'l Meeting Reiterates Support for Iraq
UN to Discipline Officials over Report
UN Oil-for-Food Procurement System 'Tainted'
Poland to Withdraw 800 Troops from Iraq
World Welcomes Voting
UN: US Military Overenthusiastic
Rice: US Fully Prepared for Iraq War
Withdrawing Troops from Iraq Priority, Yushchenko Says
Arab World Debates Iraqi Elections
France Opens Probe in Lawmaker Involved in Hostages' Release
Syria Dismisses Insurgent Aid Accusations
Armenian Parliament Okays Troop Dispatch to Iraq
Rumsfeld Chided by Lawmakers for Auto-signed Sympathy Letters
Japan PM's Support Drops
Japan Extends Troops Mission in Iraq
Roh Moo-hyun Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
Annan 'Disappointed' over Son's Iraq Oil-linked Cash
Lawmakers Move to Impeach Blair over Iraq
Int'l Conference on Iraq Opens in Egypt
Italy Supports Russia's Plan to Hold Int'l Meeting on Iraq
Germans, French Object to Saddam Execution
S. Koreans Against Troop Dispatch to Iraq
Annan: US Bid to Limit New Global Court Is 'Wrong'
G-8 Leaders Divided over Iraqi Debt
UN Endorses Iraq Resolution
UN Report on Human Rights in Iraq (Full Text)
UN Council Puts Finishing Touches on Iraq Measure
US Pushes Vote on Iraq UN Draft; France Hesitates
Spain PM Refuses to Condemn US Gov't on Iraq Abuse
China, Nations Seek Iraq Resolution Change
Gore Demands Rumsfeld Resign over Iraq Abuse
Ciampi Stresses Importance of China in Resolving Iraqi Issue
US, Britain Differ on Iraq Operations
US-British Draft Authorizes Multinational Force in Iraq
China's Muslims Denounce US Soldiers' Abusing of Iraq Prisoners
Honduran Troops Complete Withdrawal from Iraq
Blair Vows to Stay on as PM: Reports
Kerry Views Iraq Abuse Images, Blames Bush
Red Cross: Iraq Abuse Routine, Systematic
Bush's Backing of Rumsfeld Shocks and Angers Arabs
Mandela, in Farewell Speech, Slams Iraq War
Blair Apologizes for Abuses in Iraq
Leading Republicans Say Rumsfeld's Future Uncertain
Red Cross Says It Warned US of Abuse
Rumsfeld Apologizes for Iraq Prison Abuse
Germany, Spain, France to Launch UN Resolution on Iraq
Spain Says Iraq Troops Home in Less Than 6 Weeks
Bush Nominates Negroponte US Ambassador to Iraq
US Disappointed with Spain's Pullout
Spain Pulls from Iraq, 10 US Soldiers Killed
US Shifts to Support UN Plan on Iraq
US Asks for Iran's Help to Ease Iraq Conflicts
Japanese Emperor Appeals for Hostage Release
US Vows to Help Japan in Hostage Crisis
Japan PM Says No Plan to Pull Troops from Iraq
ROK Bars Citizens from Iraq Travel After Kidnapping
UN Security Chief Fired over Iraq Security Flaws
Powell Meets Spain's PM-elect, Iraq Pullout on Agenda
Japan Sends Last Batch of GSDF Core Troops for Iraq
Worldwide Rallies Protest Iraq War
Poland 'Misled' on Iraq, President Says
Zapatero: Iraq Occupation a 'Fiasco'
New Spanish Leader Vows Troop Withdraw
UN Chief Calls for Continued National Dialogue in Iraq
US Hails Iraq's Interim Constitution
Britain Welcomes Signing of Iraq's Interim Constitution
Russia Welcomes Iraqi Interim Constitution
Bush, Blair Misled by Intelligence on Iraq: Blix
Ex-Iraq WMD Hunter Says Bush Should 'Come Clean'
World Leaders Voice Outrage at Attacks on Iraqi Shiites
UN: Iraqi Election Possible by 2005
UN to Release Key Iraq Report
Red Cross Checks on Hussein for 1st Time
Annan: Iraq Cannot Vote Before June 30
Tutu Blasts 'Immoral' Iraq War
Gore: Bush 'Betrayed Us' in Iraq War
UN Team Meets with Iraq Council
UK Prince Charles Pays Surprise Visit to Iraq
UN Team Arrives in Iraq
Former PM Criticizes Japan's Iraq Troop Deployment
British Spy Chief Says Experts 'Overruled' on Iraq Arms Dossier
Blair Announces Independent Inquiry into Intelligence for Iraq War
Japan's First Ground Troop Leaves for Iraq
Japan's Main GSDF Unit Leaves for Iraq
Blair to Follow US Lead, Call Iraq WMD Inquiry
BBC Faces Worst Credibility Predicament
Iraq Arms Row Swirls After Kay Says Beliefs 'Wrong'
Blair Basks in Victory After Judge's Vindication
Annan Guardedly OKs UN Team in Iraq
UN Mulls over Feasibility Study of Holding Elections in Iraq
Australian Company Wins Major Reconstruction Project in Iraq
Japan's GSDF Advance Team Leaves for Iraq
US May Allow French Firms to Bid on Iraq Contracts
Bush Accused of Waging Unnecessary War in Iraq
Bush Allows Canada to Bid on Iraq Deals
US Seeks Probe amid O'Neill Interview
Dutch PM Arrives in Iraq on Morale-boost Visit
EU Allocates Humanitarian Aid to Iraq
Japan Promises Substantial Debt Reduction for Iraq
EU Releases 2nd Package for Iraq's Reconstruction
US Iraq Debt Envoy to Visit Asia
Russia to Write Off Part of Iraq's Debt: Iraqi Leader
Gulf Arabs Approve Anti-terror Pact, Back Iraqi Sovereignty Transfer Plan
Spanish Prime Minister Pays Surprise Visit to Iraq
Japan Approves Concrete Plan on Troops Dispatch to Iraq
Germany Criticizes Bush's Hint at Saddam's Death Penalty
Paris Club President Sets Preconditions for Iraq's Debt Relief
Germany, France Agree to Relieve Iraq Debt
US Welcomes French, German Commitment to Reduce Iraqi Debt
UN Chief Supports Open Trial of Saddam
World Looks Beyond Saddam Capture
Schroeder Congratulates Bush on Saddam's Arrest
Chirac Hails Capture of Saddam Hussein
Blair Confirms, Welcomes Saddam's Arrest
World Hopes Saddam's Capture Will Ease Iraq's Woes
Arabs Have Mixed Emotions About Saddam Capture
World Leaders Commenting on Capture of Hussein
US Signals Flexibility on Iraq Contracts amid Row
US Block on Iraq Contracts Threatens New Rift
Annan Keeps UN out of Iraq Until Security Improves
Russia Criticizes US Restriction on Iraqi Reconstruction
UN Chief to Name New Interim Envoy to Iraq
US Shuts out France, Germany for Iraq Work
Japanese Gov't Approves SDF Dispatch Plan
Japan's SDF May Go to Iraq on Gov't Jumbo Jet: Report
Powell Calls for Bigger NATO Role in Iraq
Bodies of Slain Spanish Agents Sent Home
Ambush in Iraq Bewilders Seoul's Decision on Additional Troop Dispatch
Japan May Delay Decision on SDF Dispatch
South Korea, Japan Sending Troops to Iraq
South Korea's Roh Says Iraq Shootings Intolerable
EU President Condemns Attack on Spanish Convoy
Japan to Remain Troop Dispatch to Iraq Despite Terrorism Attack
Japan Troop Dispatch in Southern Iraq Feasible: Report
Venezuela's Chavez Says Iraq War Creates Uncertainty
Garner: US Made Postwar Iraq Mistakes
Polish Troops May Extend Shifts in Iraq
UN Chief to Consult Advisors on Iraq
Japan, S. Korea DMs Talk About DPRK, Iraq
US Troops to Leave Iraq Once New Iraqi Authority Can Guarantee Security: Abizaid
UN Security Council Sets up Committee Monitoring Saddam-linked Assets
Australia, France Talk Cooperation Despite Iraq Row
Japan Mulls Sending ASDF to Iraq by Year End
Annan Pledges Continued UN Help to Iraq After Oil-for-food Program
Around 100,000 March Against Bush in London
Rumsfeld: NATO Help in Iraq Not Expected
Russia Questions US Plans for Iraq's Future
Blair, Bush to Discuss Winning Peace in Iraq
Powell Holds Talks with EU Counterparts on Iraq
Italian Member of Coalition in Iraq Quits
French, South African Leaders Urge Faster Power Transfer in Iraq
Britain Says Coalition Would Remain in Iraq
S. Korea-US High Level Military Meeting Ends Without Progress over Key Issues
Rumsfeld Flies into S. Korea Storm
Bush and Blair Agree Iraq Exit Plan to End Occupation
Italian DM Plays down Report on Nassiriya Warning
Japan Sends Inspection Team to Iraq
Koizumi, Rumsfeld Agree on Need for Democracy in Iraq
Koizumi, Rumsfeld Meet to Discuss SDF's Iraq Dispatch
US Allies Rethinking Roles in Iraq
Poll Shows Americans' Views on Iraq War
Japan Puts off Sending Troops to Iraq
Bush Changes Iraqi Election Plan
US Works on New Strategy for Iraq: Bush
France Raises Voice for Faster Sovereignty Transfer in Iraq
France Promises Aid for Iraq Once Sovereignty Restored
Italy Receives World Sympathy After Iraq Attack
Australian FM: Troop Withdrawal from Iraq not Timed yet
Book Tribute to Iraq War Reporters
Britain Warns of Rough Months Ahead in Iraq
Security in Iraq Remains Cause for Concern: Hoon
Syria Calls on US to Leave Iraq to End Violence
Turkey Won't Send Troops Without Iraq OK
Bush Acknowledges Saddam 'Trying to Stir up Trouble'
IAEA Chief Urges Return of UN Arms Inspectors to Iraq
Britain Sees 'Particularly Grim' Week in Iraq
US Defense Policy 'Harmful': German Minister
Most EU Citizens Against Iraq War: Poll
Japan May Ask Coalition Forces to Guard SDF's Iraq Mission
US Senate Panel Asks Administration for Iraq Intelligence Documents Before Friday
France Urges Change of Approach on Iraq
Thai FM Defends Govt. Decision of Sending Troops to Iraq
Red Cross Cuts Foreign Staff in Iraq After Blast
Red Cross Debates Whether to Stay in Iraq
Poll Shows Independents' Support for Bush on Iraq Declines
New Zealand PM to Visit NZ Defence Force Troops in Middle East
Thai Troops to Be Sent to Iraq for Reconstruction Despite Violence
US Urges Int'l Agencies to Stay in Iraq
US Points Finger at Foreigners over Baghdad Attacks
ICRC to Reassess Role in Iraq After Bombing
Singapore Sends 192 Armed Forces Personnel to Iraq
Bush Vows to Stay Course in Iraq
Tens of Thousands Protest Iraq Policy in Washington
Iraq Rebuilding Money Short of US$56b Goal
Powell Announces US$20.3 Billion Donation for Iraq Reconstruction
Thousands of Spaniards Protest Donors Conference for Iraq
Companies Seek New Opportunities in Iraq
Asian Financial, Military Aid for Iraq Rising
Donors' Conference Stresses Need to Continue Humanitarian Efforts in Iraq
Donors' Meeting Opens to Drum up Int'l Aid for Iraq
Int'l Donors' Conference on Iraq Opens in Madrid
Annan Dampens Iraqi Funding Expectations
Bush Thanks Australia for Support in Iraq
Portugal Denies Report of 20 Million Euro Donation to Iraq
Japanese FM Leaves for Iraqi Reconstruction Meeting in Madrid
Donors' Conference for Iraq to Open in Madrid
Singapore to Send Ships and Planes to Iraq
DPRK Says Iraq Troop Move 'Flunkeyist Treachery'
Russia not Ready for Donation to Iraq Rebuilding: Deputy FM
WFP Delivers Two Million Tons of Food to Iraq
US Plans to Reduce Forces in Iraq Next Year: Report
South Korea Decides to Send More Troops to Iraq
Spain to Grant US$300m for Reconstruction of Iraq
Minister Says France Backed UN Resolution to Show Unity
Islamic Nations Grumble over UN Iraq Vote
Russia Still Discontented with New Iraq Resolution
UK Envoy Sees Security Gap in Iraq
US Senate Votes to Convert Half of Iraq Rebuilding Aid to Loans
Russia, France and Germany Back US Resolution on Iraq
US Wins Backing for Iraq Policies but Little Cash
Germany, France, Russia to OK UN Resolution on Iraq
3 UN Council Members Rule out Military Commitment to Iraq
Eyes on Putin's Stance on Iraq at Muslim Summit
US Agrees to Postpone Vote on Resolution on Iraq
Britain Condemns Bombing of Turkish Embassy in Iraq
French FM Calls for Quick Transfer of Power to Iraqi People
Russian Envoy Demands Postponing Vote on Iraq Draft Resolution
UN Council Delays Meeting on US Resolution on Iraq
Anglican Leader Says War on Iraq Cannot Be Defended as 'Just War'
Iraq Issue to Highlight OIC Summit
US Rejects Substantive Changes to Iraq Draft Resolution
US Accepts Some of Russian Amendments to Iraq Draft
Jordan Takes Swipe at Turkey over Troops for Iraq
South Korea Rotates Non-combat Troops in Iraq
US Condemns Suicide Attack in Baghdad
Japan to Start Preparation for Dispatch of SDF to Iraq
Japan to Provide US$1.5b for Iraq
Amendments Offered to US Draft on Iraq
Muslim Nations Press for Pivotal UN Role in Iraq
Spanish PM Says Conference on Iraq Rebuilding Will Go Ahead
US Hopes for UN Vote on Iraq Draft Wednesday
EU Reiterates Commitment to Reconstruction of Iraq
UK, Spain to Submit Revised Draft Resolution on Iraq
Russia Opposes New US Draft Resolution on Iraq
Muslim Nations Wrestle with How to Help Iraq
Islamic Summit Readies to Welcome Iraq
US Circulates New Draft Resolution on Iraq
US Sets Deadline for Offering Timetable on Iraqi Political Process
Annan Concerned over Security in Iraq
White House Begins New Effort to Rebuild Iraq Support
US Thanks Ukraine for Troop Contribution in Iraq
France Condemns Killing of Spanish Diplomat in Baghdad
EU: No Date Change for Iraq Donors' Conference
Spain Condemns Killing of Diplomat in Baghdad
Revised US Resolution on Iraq Criticized
US May Drop Attempt at Vote on Iraq in UN: US Officials
France Firm on Sovereignty Transfer to Iraq: Chirac
US Insists Saddam Harbored Ambitions to Use Illegal Arms
Spanish-led Brigade Trains Iraqi Soldiers
Polish Defense Spokesman Sacked over Missile Comments
Japan Mulls US$5b Aid for Iraqi Rebuilding
Turkish Parliament Adopts Motion on Sending Troops to Iraq
Return of Sovereignty to Iraqis Takes Time: Powell
Japan to Send Military Advance Team to Iraq
Annan Says to Evacuate All UN Staff in Iraq If Security Worsens
No WMD Found in Iraq yet: US Official
UN Still Assessing Donation Target for Iraq
US Unveils Revised Resolution on Iraq
US Amendment on Iraq Tries to Address UN's Security Concerns
Japan to Pay Fair Share in Iraq's Reconstruction
US Senate Panel OKs Funds for Iraq, Afghanistan
Russia Wants 'Realistic' Timeline on Iraq
White House Denies Leaking CIA Agent's ID
UK's Blair Braced for Crucial Pitch to Angry Party
US Sees New UN Resolution to Put Iraqis in Control
Arab Nations Call for Clear Timetable for Returning Iraqi Sovereignty
France Calls for US Military Withdrawal from Iraq
Blair Defends Going to War with Iraq
US Intelligence Criticized for Weak Iraq War Data
London and World Protests Oppose Iraq Occupation
Thousands Stage Anti-war Rally in Greece
Germany Repeats Offer to Help Build Iraqi Security Forces
Half Britons Say Blair Should Quit: Poll
US OKs Greater UN Oversight of Iraq
UN Evacuates More Int'l Staff from Iraq
Powell Expects Iraq Constitution Within 6 Months
Father of Two US Soldiers in Iraq: Rumsfeld Must Resign
Thousands of Britons to March Against Iraq War
Seoul Cautious on Combat Iraq-bound Troop Dispatch
EU Considering 200m Euros Grant for Iraq
Russia Favors Sending Int'l Forces to Iraq, Says Minister
British Foreign Secretary Tries to Justify War in Iraq
Bush Seeks Foreign Money and Troops to Rebild Iraq
US, Germany to Drop Dispute over Iraq
BBC Chief Defends Report over Govt's Prewar Iraq Dossier
Under Fire at UN, Bush Rejects Early Iraq Transfer

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