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Q: To build a harmonious and well-off society is an ideal that humankind has always pursued. Is it too early, however, for China, a country with a serious wealth gap and significant urban-rural disparity, to propose and strive for the concept of a 'harmonious society?' What is the government's overall goal, and how will the government help people realize it?
Q: The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004 caused huge disaster in Southeast Asian countries. Has China designated a special department to be responsible for disaster mitigation and relief work? What measures does China usually adopt to handle disasters when they occur?
Q: Why do cases of intellectual property (IP) infringement keep emerging despite the Chinese Government's determination to crack down on violations in this regard? What measures will China adopt to prevent IP violation and protect the rights and interests of IP right holders?
Q: China has intensified efforts to crack down on smuggling in recent years, yet smuggling remains a problem at Chinese borders. What is the government's perspective on this situation, and what measures are being adopted to stop smuggling?
Q: It is reported that a majority of drugs produced in the Golden Triangle are smuggled into China. What is your response to these reports? What is the status of China's anti-drug campaign, and what efforts are underway to strengthen cooperation with neighboring countries in cracking down on drug-related crimes?
Q: It's a tough job for any country to help addicts quit using drugs. How many drug users are there in China? What damage does drug addiction cause to the economy and society? What measures has the government taken to help addicts quit?
Q: It is reported that comprehensive measures for improvement of public order have been adopted in China, which have effectively prevented and reduced the crime rate and put China among countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. What are these major measures, and what are their features?
Q: In any country, there are disadvantaged people who can't afford to hire a lawyer. Has the Chinese Government established a legal aid system, and if so, what requirements must people meet to qualify for legal aid?
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