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Q: At present, many people in the West think China practices a one-party system. Is this true? Why doesn't China adopt the same multi-party system as the Western countries, under which various political parties hold the state power by turn?
Q: What are the features of the CPC-led multi-party cooperation and political consultation system? In what ways do the non-communist parties supervise the CPC?
Q: In every country, the ruling party manifests its will in the policies it adopts. How does the CPC, which advocates "running the Party for the public good," formulate polices that embody its own will? How does it balance the interests of different groups?
Q: Do differences in ideology constitute a barrier in the CPC's exchanges with foreign political parties? What principles does the CPC follow in its external relations?
Q: The CPC used to admit members that were mostly politically advanced farmers and workers, but since the beginning of China's reform and opening up in the late 1970s, it has also been welcoming members from outstanding elements of the new social strata. Why is this? Will the change in composition affect the nature of the CPC?
Q: In recent years, China has repeatedly stressed the importance of checking corruption. However, many of those involved in corruption cases that have been investigated are leading government officials and ruling party members. As the party in power, how will the CPC tighten its supervision over its members and government officials? What will it do to institutionalize the anti-corruption campaign and bring it under a legal framework?
Q: The CPC vowed to strengthen its governance capacity in 2004. Does this mean the CPC's capacity to rule is declining? To enhance capacity, what areas will it focus on?
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