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The completed fixed assets investment of the country in 2006 was 10.987 trillion yuan, up 24 percent over the previous year. Of the total investment, that in urban areas was 9.3472 trillion yuan, shooting up 24.5 percent, and that in rural areas reached 1.6397 trillion yuan, growing 21.3 percent.

The Three Gorges Project is the world's largest water conservancy project. The year 2006 saw a rapid increase in China's overall fixed assets investment, a critical driving force behind China's economic growth.

The completed investment in eastern areas stood at 5.4546 trillion yuan, up 19.3 percent over the previous year; that in central areas was 2.0905 trillion yuan, up 30.6 percent; that in western areas was 2.1916 trillion yuan, up 25.4 percent; and that in northeastern areas reached 1.052 trillion yuan, up 36.2 percent.

In urban areas, the investment by state-owned and state-holding enterprises was 4.5212 trillion yuan, gaining 16.9 percent over the previous year. The investment in the primary industry was 110.2 billion yuan, up 30.7 percent; that in the secondary industry was 3.976 trillion yuan, up 25.9 percent; and that in the tertiary industry was 5.2611 trillion yuan, up 23.3 percent.

In 2006, the investment in real estate development was 1.9382 trillion yuan, up 21.8 percent. Of this total, the investment in commercial housing reached 1.3612 trillion yuan, an increase of 25.3 percent. The completed floor space of commercial housing projects totaled 530.19 million square meters, down 0.6 percent. The total sales of commercial housing came to 2.051 trillion yuan. Of this total, the sales of the forward delivery housing were 1.4366 trillion yuan, accounting for 70 percent.

Newly Increased Production Capacity Through Fixed Assets Investment




Newly increased power generating capacity

10000 kw


Power transformer equipment with a

 capacity of over 220,000 volts

10000 kva


New trunk railways put into operation



Double-track railways put into operation



Electrified railways put into operation



Newly constructed highways



Of which: Expressways



Newly increased cargo-handling capacity of 10000-ton berths at harbors

10000 tons


Newly installed capacity of telephone switchboards

10000 gates


Newly increased length of optical-fiber cables

10000 km


Newly installed capacity of digital cellular mobile phone switchboards



The Qinghai-Tibet railway was fully put into operation on July 1, 2006. A total amount of 11.9 billion yuan worth of investment was completed for the first phase of eastern and central routes of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The total completed investment in the Three Gorges Project stood at 131.3 billion yuan. The power generators, which were currently in operation, had produced 49.2 billion kwh of electricity in 2006, with an accumulated electricity generation of 146.1 billion kwh since the very beginning.

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