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Policy Updates
- Dalian sets 'zero meeting days'
On three out of the five working days every week, the government of Dalian will be exempted from any meetings.
- New Policy to Build An Efficient Gov't
Shenzhen government authorities will have to make public apologies for inaction or dereliction of duty.
- Expats Can Buy More Than 1 Home
Expatriate families in Shenzhen are allowed to buy more than one home in the city.
- Compulsory Blood Products Tests Starts
China will begin compulsory testing on every batch of blood products from January 1, 2008.
- Students Urged Not to Trade Stocks
Authorities in Fujian have told schools to warn their students against dabbling in the stock market.
- Permanent Buildings Banned at Qinghai Lake
The northwestern Province of Qinghai will take tough measures to prevent the environment around Qinghai Lake from deteriorating.
- Shanghai Acts over Greedy Property Developers
In a bid to stabilize the local real estate market, Shanghai's regulators have been increasing efforts to crack down on illegal practices in property development and sales.
- Housing Bureau Issues Controversial Guidelines
New guidelines issued by the Shanghai's housing bureau that discourage landlords from offering "group rents" have sparked debate among local people.
- Quality Labeling Aims to Curb Illegal Food Exports
Foreign food importers will be able to tell certified Chinese food products from fake ones thanks to a "CIQ" mark that all legal food exports are required to carry on their packaging from next month.
- New Rules to Curb Stock Price Fluctuation
The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) yesterday announced new rules for stock trading to prevent and curb irregularities.
- Rules on Meat Reserves to Stabilize Prices
The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Monday jointly issued management measures on the central meat reserves in an effort to stabilize meat prices in case of emergency.
- New Rules Issued for Judicial Authentication
The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has publicized a new set of rules for judicial authentication, which will take effect on October 1.
- Subsidized Homes Top Priority for Central Govt.
China's low-income urban families will be covered by an improved low-rent housing system allowing them to enjoy affordable housing by 2010.
- Officials Checking Cell Phone for New Regulations
Keeping up with the pace of change, one local district in Shaanxi Province in northwest China is now text messaging government documents.
- Tibet Sets Speed Limits
Traffic police in Tibet has introduced a series of measures including speed limits for all highways and harsher punishment on speeding to ensure road safety.
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