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China cooperates on global climate change
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China will strengthen its cooperation with the world community in an effort to commonly deal with the climate change issue, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang said at a regular press conference on Thursday.


Under current situation, all parties should neither deviate from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol nor deviate from or abandon the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities", Qin said.


Every country should base on its conditions and make its own efforts to positively deal with the climate change, he added.


The developed nations should provide developing countries with more fund and technical support so as to help the latter to enhance their capabilities in dealing with the climate change, Qin said.


A two-week UN climate change conference opened in Bali, Indonesia on Monday. About 10,000 delegates from over 180 countries and regions attended the conference, which focused on measures to be implemented on global greenhouse gas emissions reduction after the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.


China-Japan ties


China said mutual respect for each other's concerns and a proper settlement of sensitive issues, including the history issue and the Taiwan issue, are most important to maintaining and furthering the sound momentum of the currently improving and developing China-Japan ties.


Qin made the remarks when asked whether China cares more about the reality issue than the history issue in its relationship with Japan.


Qin noted the Chinese government has always taken "a firm attitude" on developing a good-neighborly and cooperative relationship with Japan and is willing to work together with Japan in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit so as to keep and further the sound momentum of the currently improving and developing China-Japan ties.


On the Taiwan issue, Qin said to oppose Taiwan's efforts to "join the United Nations through a referendum" and seek for independence is key to ensuring the healthy and stable development of China-Japan relations, adding that this is an issue of principle.


On the history issue, Qin said remembering the bitter past is intended to better cherish the hard-won improvement and development of China-Japan ties and to create a better future for the ties.


China hoped Japan could take the same attitude as China to make joint efforts to move forward bilateral relations in the spirit of "taking history as a mirror and looking toward the future," Qin said.


Dalai Lama's splittist activities


Qin reiterated China's firm opposition to Dalai Lama's splittist activities, and cautioned relevant countries not to provide convenience to such attempts.


"Dalai is a political exile cloaked under religion but engaged in splittist and peace-sabotaging attempts," Qin said when answering questions on Dalai's visit to Italy and plan to meet with Italian political figures.


"Wherever Dalai goes, or in what name, the issue is not personal or religious. He represents a clique trying to split the country and seeking Tibetan independence, to which the Chinese government and people are firmly opposed," Qin said.


The Tibet issue is not a cultural or religion issue, but an issue concerning fundamental principles that have to do with China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and anti-splittist undertakings, he said.


He said relevant countries shall discern Dalai's true motive and nature of splittist activities, and not to provide venues or convenience to such attempts by "taking into account the overall international relations".


Iran nuclear issue


China will join hands with other parties in stepping up exchanges and consultations so as to make constructive efforts for peacefully and properly settling the Iran nuclear issue, Qin said when asked when China will make its decision on whether to support new sanctions on Iran given the United States' latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released on Monday.


Qin said China is studying the estimate report and consulting with related parties, adding that China hoped all parties could make joint efforts towards a proper and better settlement of the Iran nuclear issue.


China has always supported the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and opposed proliferation of nuclear weapons in an effort to maintain a peaceful and stable Middle East, Qin said.


"That's why we uphold a peaceful solution to the issue through consultations," he said, adding "any move taken by the Security Council should be conducive to realizing these goals."


The latest National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), the formal consensus of all 16 US spy agencies, said on Monday that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, a stark reversal of previous intelligence assessments that Iran was actively moving towards the development of a bomb.


The UN Security Council has issued two resolutions against Iran's nuclear program since last December, but both of them failed to persuade Iran to give up uranium enrichment work. The United States is pressing for a third resolution at the UN Security Council while Russia and China are opposed to such a sanction and advocate a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear issue.


Cooperation with Africa


China always attaches great importance to consolidation and cooperation with Africa based on mutual respect and benefit, Qin said.


The consolidation and cooperation did not aim at any third party and were conducive to peace, stability and the common development of Africa and the world, Qin said.


He made the comment when asked about some Western countries' remarks on increasing links with Africa so as to curb China's influence in this region.


"We noticed that some Western countries expressed intention to increase investment in Africa and we express welcome toward this," Qin said.


"China is willing to strengthen dialogue, exchange and cooperation with relevant countries that have common interests and concern in Africa."


Six-party talk


Qin said the six countries are still consulting on whether to hold a new round of meetings on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue before the end of the year.


"The date for further meetings should be acceptable to all six parties and is still under discussion," Qin said.


He said Wu Dawei, head of the Chinese delegation to the six-party talks, has met with chief US negotiator Christopher Hill Thursday. Both exchanged views on the present situation and future work of the six-party talks.


"We also took notice of Mr. Hill's remarks on his trip to North Korea," Qin added.


He said the Chinese side hopes the six parties will "keep good momentum, and advance all work leading to the virtual de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."


Hill arrived in Beijing on Wednesday after a three-day trip to North Korea.


He said disablement of North Korea's main nuclear facilities at Yongbyon, scheduled to be completed by year end, is going well, and North Korea is "pretty close to providing a declaration". He also noted that the declaration should be complete and correct.


Hill dismissed chances for a six-party talk to convene before the end of this year, citing holiday reasons.


Argentine president power handover ceremony


Qin announced Wan Gang, minister of Science and Technology, will attend the power handover ceremony of Argentine president on Dec. 10 as the special envoy of the Chinese government.


(Xinhua News Agency December 7, 2007)

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