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Iraqi army soldiers fire their weapons during a gun-battle with Shi'ite militiamen in the Shi'ite dominated Baghdad's neighbourhood of Shulla May 13, 2008.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on April 30, 2008, confirmed his vow to disband all the armed groups, including Shiite Mahdi Army militia, whom he accused of using civilians as "human shields" in fightings in Sadr City.
A vehicle burns after a bomb attack in Kirkuk, 155 miles north of Baghdad, October 28, 2007.
Residents gather at the scene of a car bomb attack in Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad Oct. 11, 2007. A car bomb targeting the traffic police chief of Kirkuk killed at least seven people and wounded 50 others, the latest in a spate of attacks on senior police officials in northern Iraq.
US troops would probably stay in Iraq for a "protracted period" despite gradual withdrawal, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Sunday, September 16, 2007.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Reconstruction of Iraq
News Update
19 killed in Baghdad motorcycle market blast
Scores killed in Baghdad pet market explosion
Obama sticks to plan of troops withdrawal from Iraq
Deadly attacks kill 20 Iraqis
Up to 70 people killed in Kirkuk truck bombing
28 killed in car bombing in S Iraq
Female suicide bomber kills 40 outside Baghdad Shiite shrine
Suicide bomb attack kills 22 in Baghdad
Japan to withdraw air defense force from Iraq
US-Iraq security pact faces objections
US, Iraq close to security deal
Up to 20 killed in Diyala suicide bombing
Iraq waits for US response over security deal proposals
US defense chief sees Iraq war in 'endgame'
Bush to pull 8,000 Iraq troops in January
Iraq takes over security control of Anbar
Suicide bombing kills 21 in Baghdad
Iraq, US eye troops withdrawal by end of 2011
Iraq, US eye troops withdrawal by end of 2011
US-Iraq agreement "not final yet," says spokesman
Female suicide bomber kills 18 Iraqi pilgrims
New US commander in Iraq envisions big troop cuts in 2009
Iraq demands clear timeline for troops pullout
UN reports improvement in Iraq's security
McCain may endorse Iraq withdrawal timetable
Female suicide bombers kill 57 in Iraq
Britain to withdraw more troops in 2009
US forces kill son of Iraqi governor
Car bomb kills 16, wounds 94 in Iraq
US may cut troop levels in Iraq this fall
Twin suicide bombers kill 20 in Baghdad
Iraq demands troop withdrawal timetable
Iraq insists on timetable for US troops' withdrawal
Car bomb kills 51 in Baghdad
Iraq-US pact talks in deadlock, but not dead
Iraq achieves little in Stockholm on debt relief
Rice defends war on Iraq
China seeks improved security, national reconciliation in Iraq
World recognizes Iraq's progress
Iraqi forces detain 1,068 suspected insurgents
Top al-Qaida leader in Iraq captured
Iran: Talks with US on Iraq 'make no sense'
Iraqi PM renews vow to disband militias
White House admits fault on 'Mission Accomplished' banner
Iraq opens trial on former regime officials
Iraq's Sadr threatens 'open war'
Iraq dismisses 1,300 security members
US, Iraqi forces kill 13 gunmen in Baghdad
Bush Gates differ over Iraq policy
US defense chief sees fewer troops in Iraq in 2009
Australia to withdraw troops from Iraq in June
Bush suspends troop withdrawal
Bush likely to endorse 'pause' plan in Iraq
Death toll of Baghdad Shiite bastion clashes rises to 22
Bush: US to maintain 'enough' military presence in Iraq
Clashes continue in Iraq
Heavy fighting erupts in southern Iraq
US death toll in Iraq hits 4,000
Attacks kill 57 in Iraq; Green Zone hit
Attacks kill 32 in Iraq
Better-off life still mirage for Iraqis
High-cost Iraq war enters sixth year as Bush defending invasion
Americans still divided on end of Iraq war after 5 years
Pentagon divided on Iraq strategy
The war in Iraq
Bush defends Iraq war as 'right decision'
Protests mark Iraq anniversary
Viable US exit from Iraq still a long way off
Reflections on the Iraq invasion of March, 2003
Bush says Iraq war was worth it
Suicide bomb kills 43 in Karbala
Clinton outlines Iraq withdrawal plan
Fallon resignation doesn't signal Iran war
Suicide bomber kills 40 in South Baghdad
9 Iraqis accidentally killed
Baghdad market blasts kill 72
Suicide attack kills police chief in northern Iraq
Six killed, 12 wounded in Kirkuk blast
14 killed,112 wounded in Mosul blast
Suicide attack kills 15 in northern Iraq
6 US soldiers killed in booby-trap bomb attack
US soldiers killed by Iraqi beat pregnant woman
Pentagon calls 2007 deadliest year of Iraq war
US underscores mission in Iraq
US troop reduction in Iraq 'on schedule'
Bush touts progress in Iraq, Afghanistan
UNSC extends foreign forces in Iraq
US senate approves new funding for Iraqi, Afghan wars
Al-Zawahri video: US failing in Iraq
22 killed in 2 suicide attacks in Iraq
Pentagon chief Gates in Iraq as violence drops
US, Iraq sign a bilateral declaration
US Senate blocks war spending bill requiring troop withdrawal from Iraq
US House passes Iraq withdrawal bill
Most Blackwater killings in Baghdad unjustified
Costs of Afghan, Iraqi wars hit US$1.6tr
Iraq: 2007 deadliest year for US
The US' shifting calculus in the Middle East
Blackwater security guards granted immunity during inquiry: report
8 kidnapped Iraqi tribal sheikhs rescued
Suicide bomber kills 25 at Iraqi police headquarters
Iraq continues to witness surge of violent attacks
US State Department security chief resigns
US troops kill up to 49 in Baghdad's Sadr City
13 people killed in US air strike on Baghdad Shiite bastion
Pentagon announces plan on troop replacement in Iraq
US: No military action in Iran without Congress approval
At least 8 killed in suicide bombing in Baghdad cafe
Blackwater sued by its Iraqi victims in US court
Britain to reduce troops in Iraq to 2,500
British PM arrives in Baghdad
Turkey, Iraq sign anti-terrorism pact
Iraqi PM appeals for int'l support
Turkey, Iraq to sign agreement to combat terror
US to seek additional war funds for 2008
Bush Appeals for Support for Troop Withdrawal Plan from Iraq
Gates: US Troops Probably Stay in Iraq for 'Protracted Period'
Bush to Address Nation, Announce Troop Drawdown
Petraeus: US to Cut Troops in Iraq
Poll: Most Americans Skeptical of Iraq Status Report
'Chemical Ali' Death Sentence Upheld
Iraqi Gov't Fails Most Goals Set by US Congress
Bush Says Troop Cuts in Iraq Possible
Iraq Talks End Without Breakthrough
British Troops Pulling out of Basra Palace in Iraq
Iraq's Shiite, Sunni to Meet in Finland
'Little Progress' Seen on Iraq Goals
Abu Ghraib Officer Not Guilty of Abuse
Bush to Request US$50 Billion More for War
US Troops Could Leave Iraq in One Year
US Forces Release Seven Detained Iranians in Baghdad
UNHCR: Humanitarian Situation Worsening in Iraq
52 Killed in Iraq's Shiite Holy City
Suicide Bomber Kills 9 in Fallujah
Bush Reiterates Support for Iraqi PM
French FM Pledges to Help Stabilize Iraq
Syria Ready to Aid to Rebuild Iraq
French FM Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
US Could Cut Troop Levels in Iraq Next April
4 Suicide Bombings Kill 200 in Iraq
UN to Expand Mission's Role in Iraq
US, Iraqi Troops Kill 30 Insurgents
Iran to Help in Iraq's Reconstruction
Turkey, Iraq to Cooperate on Energy
Ministers' Resignation Rejected
US Soldier Sentenced to 110 Years in Prison
US Report Reveals Lapses in Iraq Reconstruction
Saudis Mull Opening Embassy in Baghdad
Sunni Bloc Quits, Baghdad Bomb Attacks Kill 79
US Sends 20,000 Troops to Iraq for Rotation
Iraqi PM Faces Revolt Within Own Party
Dozens Poisoned by Relief Food in Iraq
Car Bombing a Stark Reminder of Reality
Celebratory Gunfire Kills Two Iraqis, Wounds 40 in Baghdad
Iraq Calls for End of Abuse of Its Refugees
US Rejects Higher-level Talks with Iran
US Arrest of Top Militant Denied
US: Iran's Aid for Iraqi Militias Rising
Wave of Violence Kills 24 in Iraq
US and Iran to Hold New Meeting on Tuesday
Civilian Killed in Baghdad's Violence, 17 Corpses Found
Main Sunni Arab Bloc Ends Boycott of Iraqi Parliament
Republicans Shoot Down Senate Iraq Bill
Top Al-Qaida in Iraq Figure Captured
Al-Qaida May Use Iraqi Base to Attack US
4 Killed, 35 Injured in Road Accident in Bangladesh
96 Iraqis Killed in Bombings in Iraq
US Gov't Rejects Troop Withdrawal Proposal
US$300 Mln Stolen from Baghdad Bank
Bush Admits Slow Progress in Iraq
Multiple Suicide Bomb Attacks Kill 21 in W Baghdad
No Debate About Leaving Iraq, Says White House
Iraqis Dig for Bodies After Blast Kills 150
Al-Zawahri Calls for Support in New Video
Scholars Want 'Soft Partition' of Iraq
US Accuses Teheran over Iraq Violence
Four People Killed in Baghdad, 17 Corpses Found
Iraqi PM Criticizes US Raid on Baghdad's Shiite Suburb
Suicide Bomber Kills 20 in Northeast Baghdad
US Public Support for Iraq War Falls to New Low
Mortar Barrage Hits Green Zone, 21 Corpses Found in Baghdad
Compromise Plan Could See Iraq Decentralized
Violence Kills Two, 11 Bodies Found in Baghdad
Two Sunni Blocs Boycott Iraqi Parliament
'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Hang
12 Soldiers Killed as US Presses Ahead with Raids
Iraqi Police Find 20 Unidentified Bodies in Baghdad
Gunmen Blown up Three Sunni Mosques in S Baghdad
Major US Offensive as Iraq Blast Kills 75
Bush Has Video Teleconference with Iraqi Leaders
Iran: US Middle East Policies Failed
Sixty Percent of Baghdad Not Controlled
Police Fnd 32 Unidentified Bodies in Baghdad
US Urges Syria to Play Constructive Role in Iraq
Iraqi VP Calls for More Arab Efforts on Iraq
Three Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Bomb Attack
Qaida-led Group Claims It Killed Missing Soldiers
Eight US Soldiers Injured in Southeast Baghdad
Egypt Expresses Support to Iraq to Achieve Stability
Chemical Vehicle Bomb Hits US Military Base
Seven More US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Gates Envisions Long-term Military Presence in Iraq
Bush Prompts Iraqi Leaders to Make Political Progress
China Vows to Promote Economic Ties with Iraq
Troops Search for Abducted UK Citizens
Several Westerners Abducted; 10 US Soldiers Dead
Sheehan Quits as Face of Anti-war Campaign
White House Considering Next Steps in Iraq
Iran-US Talks on Iraq Start Today
Six More American Troops Killed in Iraq
Iraq Aims for WTO Membership
US Congress Approves War Funding Bill Without Withdrawal Timeline
Iraqi PM Running out of Time on Reforms
Car Bomb Kills 25 in Baghdad
Democrats Drop Iraqi Withdrawal Timeline in War Funding Bill
US Embassy in Iraq Under Scrutiny
No Regrets, Blair Tells Iraq
Iran-US Meeting Is 'Damaging', Says Sunni VP
US House Passes Bill with Limited Fund for War
Four Iraqi Journalists Shot Dead in Northern Iraq
Cheney in Baghdad to Push Reconciliation
Twenty Killed, 70 Wounded in Truck Bomb Attack in Iraq's Kurdistan
Pentagon Earmarks 10 More Brigades for Iraq
US Reiterates Opposition to Iraqi Parliament's Recess Plan
Bush, Iraqi PM Discuss Iraq Situation
35 Dead, 80 Wounded in Baghdad Blast
China to Write Off Iraqi Debts
Meeting of International Compact with Iraq Ends with Compact Document
Iran, US May Meet at Iraqi Conference
Iraqi PM to Attend Int'l Conference on Iraq in Egypt
Bomb Near Iraq Shrine Kills 47
Construction of Separation Wall Continues in Baghdad
US Congress Passes Iraq Funds with 2008 Withdrawal Goal
Top US Commander: Iraq Situation 'Complex and Tough'
US House OKs Compromise Bill with Iraq Pullout Timetable
Iraqi Gov't Withheld Casualty Figures, Says UN
New US Envoy Seeks Increased UN Role in Iraq
Iraqi PM Says No Border Dispute with Kuwait
19 Killed in Car Bombing Attack in Iraq
Latvia to Withdraw Troops from Iraq in Mid-June
Gunmen Kill 21 Workers in Northern Iraq
US Troops Erect More Walls in Baghdad
Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Gates in Baghdad for Reconciliation
Bush, Democrats Failed on Iraq Bill Agreement
Four Bombings in Baghdad Kill at Least 160
Militant Group Says Iraq 'University of Terrorism'
US Soldier Accused in Iraq Murder Trial
Gates: Sadr Bloc's Quit Might Be Positive
UN Seeks to Help Millions Iraqi Refugees
Gunmen Kill 13 Iraqi Soldiers in Northern Iraq
Iraq's Sadr Bloc Withdraws from Government
Car, Minibus Bombings Kill at Least 37
Suicide Bomber Hits Iraqi Parliament
At Least Five Killed in Baghdad Bridge Blast
Bush, Democrats Cannot Agree on Terms of War Discussions
ICRC Deplores Worsening Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq
US Extends Duty Tours for Army Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan
Iraqis Rally, Call for US Withdrawal
Six US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
AL Official Hopes Iraq Conferences Can Help Achieve Reconciliation
Iraqi PM Barred from Iran Airspace
New Deadline Set for German Hostages
Four US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Kidnapped Iranian Diplomat Released in Iraq
Death Penalty Sought for 'Chemical Ali'
Senate Maj. Leader Proposes Slashing Iraq Budget
Multiple Bombings Kill at Least 107 in Carnage Across Iraq
US Senate Demands Troop Withdrawal
Car Bomb Kills Two Policemen in Baghdad
Bush Rules out Negotiation on Iraq Timetable
US Democrats Win Senate Vote on Iraq Withdrawal Timeline
Car Bombs Killed at Least 35 in N Iraq
US Envoy Met with Iraq Insurgents
Five US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Blast Rattles UN Chief
Majority of Britons Think Iraq Invasion a Mistake
Car Bomb Kills Five People in Downtown Baghdad
Iraqi Former Vice President Hanged Before Dawn of Tuesday
Poll: Fewer than 1 in 5 Iraqis Trust US
Iraqi Troops Raid Sunni Lawmaker's House, Weapons Seized
Protestors Rally to Mark Iraq War Anniversary
3 Chlorine Bombs Poison Hundreds in Iraq
Saddam's Deputy Should Hang: Appeals Court
Troops Withdrawal Plan Stalled in US Senate
Baghdad Violence Drops Sharply in Crackdown
Jordanian King, Iraqi President Meet on Iraq Situation
Most Americans Want Troops in Iraq to Go Home Soon
Two US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad
US Mulls 'Fallback Strategy' for Iraq
Iran-US Baghdad Talks Were 'Constructive'
Spokesman: Iran Holds No Direct Talks with US at Baghdad Conference
China's Position Elaborated at Baghdad Meeting
Democrats Propose Troops Withdrawal in Iraq in 2008
Gates: US Commander Requests More Troops for Iraq
Gunmen Attack Iraqi Jail, Freeing 140 Prisoners
US Democrats Alter Plan to Restrict Iraq War
Over 100 Shiite Pilgrims Killed Across Iraq
Syria Renews Support for National Reconciliation in Iraq
Baghdad Market Blast Claims 28

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