· Photo exhibition marks 30 years of Sino-US ties
· China-US relations most dynamic, influential bilateral ties
· Hu holds phone talks with Obama over ties
· Geithner vows to deepen US-China economic ties
· Photo exhibition on China-US relations opens at Nixon Library
· Carter: Formalizing US-China ties my 'crowning achievement'
· Carter visits central China
· China, US share increasing responsibilities
· Chinese Vice Premier meets Henry Kissinger
· China's top legislator vows to boost Sino-US ties
· Wen meets Carter amid anniversary celebrations
· New US administration ought to continue China policies
· Photo exhibition recalls 30 years of Sino-US relations
· China, US agree bilateral relations as 'most important'
· Hu, Carter mark 30 years of diplomatic ties
· Former President Carter hails China-US relationship
· Taiwan question still a core concern in China-US relations
· China, US mark 30th annivesary of diplomatic ties
· US envoys optimistic about Sino-US ties in Obama era
· US urged to mend military ties
· Negroponte: Sino-US relations a highlight of Bush years
· US: US-China relations 'have matured' over 30 years
· Developing Sino-US relations goes with historical trend
· US-China relations to flourish
· China hopes to ensure healthy, stable relations with US
· 'Ping pong diplomacy' celebrated
· China hopes for greater progress of Sino-US relations
· Ping-Pong Diplomacy in pictures
· Chinese vice foreign minister holds talks with Negroponte
· Photo exhibition to be held to hail 30th anniversary of China-US ties
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China-US relations have made tremendous progress over the past 30 years and have reached a new point with the historic Obama victory in the US presidential election. What is your opinion on the 30-year-history and future prospects of Sino-US relations? Share your views with us. Comment is free!
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China and US agree a prosperous Sino-US relationship
ยท China and US agree a prosperous Sino-US relationship
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