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Won't go home without you


Maroon 5 is an American rock band. Since debuting in 2002, the band has sold over 10 million albums in the United States and nearly 15 million worldwide. While they were in high school, the four original members of Maroon 5 played in a garage band called Kara's Flowers, which was active from 1994 to 2001. In 2002, the band members reformed as Maroon 5 and released their debut album Songs About Jane. Maroon 5(魔力红乐队)是一支来自美国的摇滚乐队。自从2002年发行了首张专辑以来,乐队在美国的专辑销量超过了千万张,在世界范围的销量达到将近1500万张。Maroon 5的四个初始成员在中学时组成了一个叫做Kara's Flowers的车库乐队,这个乐队在1994年至2001年之间比较活跃。在2002年,乐队进行重组,成立了Maroon 5,并发行了他们的首张专辑《Songs About Jane》(珍·情歌)。
The album yielded a four chart-topping singles. One of them, "This Love," earned Maroon 5 a Best New Artist at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards. The other, "She Will Be Loved," scored a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal. The other two singles from Jane, "Harder to Breathe" and "Sunday Morning," reached the Billboard Top 20 and Top 40 respectively. The band also snagged a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, which it went on to win. 在这张专辑中产生了四首排行榜冠军歌曲。其中《This Love》(这份爱)为Maroon 5赢得了2004MTV音乐电视大奖最佳新人奖;另一首《She Will Be Loved》(她会得到爱)获得了格莱美最佳流行乐队/组合奖提名;专辑中另外两首单曲《Harder to Breathe》(无法呼吸)和《Sunday Morning》(周日上午)分别冲进告示牌排行榜的前20和前40位。此外,Maroon 5乐队还获得了格莱美最佳新人奖提名并最终获奖。
Original drummer Ryan Dusick left Maroon 5 in 2006, citing injuries, and was replaced by Matt Flynn. Maroon 5's second album It Won't Be Soon Before Long came out in 2007. It is clear that Maroon 5 has once again captured all of the elements that create a universally popular pop rock song. In the hyperkinetic rock meets hip-hop of "A Little of Your Time" (which Levine calls "the most unique track on this album, with some of the best lyrics we've ever written"), a relationship must overcome the challenge of distrust and miscommunication to persevere, and the bass-pulsing "Won't Go Home Without You" asks plaintively for "one more chance to make it right." 2006年,原鼓手Ryan Dusick因伤离开乐队,取而代之的是Matt Flynn。在2007年,Maroon 5推出了第二张专辑《It Won't Be Soon Before Long(着魔吗·久等了)。他们显然又一次抓住了创作大受欢迎的流行摇滚歌曲的所有必要元素。《A Little of Your Time》(一点点你的时间》融合了动感十足的摇滚和嘻哈的元素,讲述了一段感情必须克服种种不信任和误解才能坚持下去。乐队主唱兼吉他手Levine称这首歌是“这张专辑中最特别的一首歌,其中部分歌词是我们有史以来最杰出的作品。”而《Won't Go Home Without You》(没有你我不愿回家)这首歌则通过贝斯跃动的节奏,苦苦请求一次弥补的机会。
Also known for their commitment to the environment, Maroon 5 was honored at the 2006 Environmental Media Awards and recently pledged their time and energy toward Global Cool, a newly launched initiative to fight global warming by motivating a billion people worldwide to reduce their personal energy use.

Maroon 5还以积极投身环保事业为人称道。他们在2006年荣获环保媒体奖,最近又将时间精力投入一个刚刚成立的环保倡导组织Global Cool,该组织的目标是在世界范围内动员十亿人减少个人能源消耗,对抗全球变暖。

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