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UNAIDS: New HIV infections down 17% worldwide
联合国艾滋病规划署: 世界新增艾滋病感染率下降17%

By Wang Zhiyong
China.org.cn staff reporter

A poster of red ribbon, the symbol of care for AIDS patients, standing in front of Beijing National Stadium on December 1, 2008, World AIDS Day [chinanews.com.cn]

A poster of red ribbon, the symbol of care for AIDS patients, standing in front of Beijing National Stadium on December 1, 2008, World AIDS Day [chinanews.com.cn]


According to 2009 figures, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17 percent over the past 8 years, said the executive director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibé at a press conference held in Shanghai on November 24, 2009. 1124,联合国艾滋病规划署首次在中国上海发布了《2009年艾滋病流行报告》和《2010年艾滋病防治前景展望》,规划署执行主任米歇尔.西贝迪在新闻发布会上说,数据显示世界新增艾滋病感染率在过去的八年间下降了17%
The number of new infections in sub-Saharan Africa is approximately 15 percent lower than what it was in 2001, when the UN signed the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. That means there were about 400,000 fewer infections in 2008. 去年,撒哈拉周边的非洲地区的新增感染率比2001年联合国大会《艾滋病承诺宣言》签署时少了15%,也就是说,在2008年新增感染病例减少了约40万人。
In East Asia, new HIV infections declined by nearly 25 percent; in South and Southeast Asia, there was a 10 percent decline. 在东亚地区,新增感染率下降了近四分之一,在南亚和东南亚地区则下降了10%
The report highlights that HIV prevention programs are making a difference. 报告强调,这样的成果要归功于近年来的艾滋病预防项目。
"The good news is that we have evidence that the declines we are seeing are due, at least in part, to HIV prevention," said Sidibé. 西迪贝说:“好消息是我们现在可以证明新增感染率的下降是由于艾滋病预防工作,至少一部分是。”
The report found that 33.4 million people are living with HIV worldwide, 2.7 million people were newly infected in 2008, and 2 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2008. 报告中还指出,全世界有3340万艾滋病病毒携带者,270万人是去年感染的新病人,去年200万人死于艾滋病相关疾病。
China confirms 319,877 people living with HIV-AIDS 中国确诊将近32万艾滋病病毒携带者
As of the end of October, the number of Chinese citizens confirmed to be living with HIV-AIDS was 319,877—that is an increase from the 264,302 last year and more than double the 135,630 that were reported in 2005, China's health minister Chen Zhu said at the press conference. 卫生部部长陈竺在发布会上说,截止今年十月底,已确诊有319877名中国公民感染艾滋病,比去年的264302名有所增加,是2005年的两倍多(2005年有135630人感染)。
According to estimates by UNAIDS and the Ministry of Health, China is expected to have about 740,000 people infected with the HIV virus by the end of this year. 联合国艾滋病规划署和卫生部估计到今年年底,中国将有74万人感染艾滋病病毒。

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