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Germany brings 'balancity' to Shanghai Expo

By Wang Qian
China.org.cn staff reporter


File photo: The German Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has been nicknamed "balancity" – a newly coined word signifying a city in balance.

The German Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has been nicknamed "balancity" – a newly coined word signifying a city in balance, said Dietmar Schmitz, commissioner general for the German Pavilion. 2010年上海世博会德国馆政府总代表施米茨先生表示,德国馆也被称为“和谐都市”,这一新的理念在展馆的建筑风格中有所体现。 
At 6,000 square meters, the German Pavilion is the biggest one Germany has ever presented at a World Expo. It will be able to accommodate about 45,000 visitors a day. 德国馆占地6,000平方米,是德国自参与世博会以来规模最大的展馆,每天最多可接纳约45,000名参观者。
"The World Expo entertains millions, but beyond entertainment, it also gives every exhibitor a great opportunity to present its country's particular expertise," Schmitz said. "The strengths of the Federal Republic of Germany is as an economic nation, as a leader in innovation and, last but not least, as an attractive place to visit." 施米茨先生表示:“世博会将迎来众多参观者,在欣赏之余,它还为每位参展方提供尽情展现自己实力的机会。对于联邦德国而言,作为经济大国、创新科技领头羊以及极具魅力的旅游国度,它的实力将得以充分展示。”
German culture will take center stage on May 19, with a wide variety of events ranging from Young Euro Classics to the pop duo ZweiRaumwohnung and a presentation by Berlin's Hip Hop Headquarters. German president Horst Köhler is also expected to attend the event. 以德国文化为主题的庆祝活动将于5月19日展开,活动包括青年欧洲古典乐团的演奏、流行音乐组合“两居室”以及柏林嘻哈基地等的表演。届时德国总统霍斯特•科勒先生将到场出席。
A team of 450 staffers will look after the visitors. More than 250 servers and almost 200 workers will work in its restaurant, which will make sure it fulfils Asian expectations of Germany and German cuisine. 一支由约450人组成的专业团队将为所有参观者提供服务。该团队包括250多名服务生和近200名工作人员,服务于餐馆,让亚洲人民充分了解德国及其饮食文化。
This year's Expo "will address the urban challenges facing us in the 21st century, challenges that are particularly relevant to China, the country with the highest number of cities in the world with populations of over a million," Schmitz said, adding that the German pavilion will present "ideas and solutions made in Germany and created in Germany that can have a positive impact on this development."


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