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Using mobile while driving may cost life

Texting or talking on mobile phone while driving is one of the most dangerous actions. If a driver is using mobile phone while driving then there is a possibility that the attention would divert to the mobile phone from the road. Sometimes it may be more dangerous than driving after taking marijuana as the research shows the ability to keep a vehicle in a lane dropped by 91% for those texting, compared to 35% if they had been smoking marijuana. 在开车的时候,手机短信或打电话都是最危险的行为之一。司机开车时使用手机会分散注意力,这有时候比他们抽完大麻后开车还要危险得多。有研究显示:由于短信的原因,保持在同一车道的可能性下降了91%,而抽大麻只下降了35% 
Mobile phone can distract the driver in various ways. Even only a phone ring can make an accident. With the development of technology now people may use mobile phone without touching the mobile phone. Many luxury cars offer in built Bluetooth and button on steering wheel to receive or end a call. But nothing can resist human mind to divide the attention towards listening and talking while driving. There is always a risk that maybe for some important news or for some bad signal the driver will lose attention on driving and will put more attention towards the conversation. 手机以多种方式分散着司机的注意力,有时即使一个电话铃声也会发生事故。现在,随着技术的发展,人们可以不用触摸手机就可以使用手机。许多豪华轿车提供内置蓝牙和方向盘按钮接听电话,但还是无法阻止分散人们的注意力。这些风险可能是某些重要的新闻或是信号干扰,司机都会因此分散注意力,而将注意力更多地放在谈话上。
If only talking is a risky action while driving then texting or reading new message is an extremely dangerous action. To send a message it requires the driver to use at least one hand and move his eyes to check the written message for a while. Writing or reading text messages would reduce reaction time for a driver to avoid collision or accident. A research at Virginia showed that in crashes or near-crashes, the act of texting actually shifted a driver’s focus away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. 如果打电话是危险行为,那么收发短信也是非常危险的行为。司机发送一条短信至少需要用一只手和眨一下眼来快速确认所写的信息内容。读写短信不会减少司机避免碰撞和事故发生的反应时间。维吉尼亚一项研究表明,在事故或接近事故发生时,短信行为实际上以每4.6秒的速度转移司机的注意力。
In China there are many people who are using mobile phone while driving. The government is trying their best to prevent and resist people from using mobile phone while driving. As per the law if anybody found using mobile phone while driving will be reported to be covered by general "good driving practice" legislation. But there are many people around who is using mobile phone while driving, either receiving/making phone calls or receiving/sending messages. If one observes a busy street then there will be a lot of cars found with driver using mobile phone. 在中国还是有很多人开车时使用手机。政府正在尽力阻止和抵制开车时使用手机的行为。按照法律,如果有人发现驾驶时使用手机将会被授予良好驾驶行为的法规。但还是有很多人驾驶时使用手机,要么接电话/打电话或是收短信/发短信。如果你站在繁忙的街道上去观察,会发现有很多的司机在使用手机。
Normally it is expected that if a pedestrian start crossing the road suddenly then a driver will try to react and stop the car, but if the driver is using mobile phone then there will be a risk that the driver will not be able to respond in time which would cause an accident. The worse part is that there are many motor cycle and bicycle riders who try to use mobile in the middle of the street without stopping. Mostly it happens because people are not well aware of the possible consequences. 正常情况下,如果一个行人在过马路的时候,司机都会停车。但是如果司机正在使用手机,他就不可能及时做出反应,从而导致事故。更糟糕的是有很多骑摩托车和自行车的人不会停下车来打电话。这大多是因为人们没有很好地认识到可能会发生的后果。
Individuals should be aware about their actions on street and has to act with responsibility. The mobile phone can be used if it is an emergency but they have to park the car beside the street and only then they can use it. If someone thinks that the punishment is not that high if s/he is caught by police while driving and using mobile then s/he is wrong. This one simple ignorance of law can cost a lot of life and damage of properties. People have to understand that they are risking their own life by using mobile phone while driving. 人们应该对自己在路上的行为负责。如果有紧急情况,移动电话是可以使用的,但他们可以把车停在路边然后再使用。如果有人认为警察逮到他/她开车时使用手机,处罚不够严厉,那么他/她错了。这个法律无知者可能会失去生命和财产损失。人们必须明白,驾驶时使用手机对他们生命是有危险的。
Chinese citizens are always very loyal and they always obey the rules and regulations of the country. Once they are aware about the law and the result or consequence of using mobile phone while driving, it is well anticipated that they will stop doing the same.


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