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Toy Story 3


片名:Toy Story 3
导演:李•安魁克(Lee Unkrich)
           汤姆•汉克斯(Tom Hanks)
           迈克尔•基顿(Michael Keaton)
           蒂姆•艾伦(Tim Allen)
           琼•库萨克(Joan Cusack)
           唐•里克斯(Don Rickles)
           约翰•拉岑贝格(John Ratzenberger)
           华莱士•肖恩(Wallace Shawn)
           裘蒂•班森(Jodi Benson)


 The Story




Andy (voice of John Morris) has grown up. He has graduated from high school and is headed to college, a destination not typically associated with a toy collection. So Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and the rest of the toys are understandably anxious about their future. As we learned in previous installments, after all, a toy isn't really fulfilled unless it's played with. As first among equals, Woody is in a somewhat better position than the rest. For them, the choices seem limited to the attic or the trash. It quickly becomes clear that the attic, with its possibilities of rediscovery (maybe even by Andy's future children) is the best option. 安迪(约翰•莫里斯 配音)已经长大。他从高中毕业,就要上大学了。大学显然是一个与玩具收藏没有联系的地方,牛仔胡迪(汤姆•汉克斯 配音)、巴斯光年(蒂姆•艾伦 配音)还有其他一些玩具自然对他们的未来忧心忡忡。正如我们在前两部电影中了解到的,一个玩具如果没有人玩,并不能称为真正意义上的完整。作为玩具领袖,胡迪的处境比同伴相对有利;对那些普通玩具来说,要么被束之高阁,要么被扔作垃圾,这似乎是他们仅有的选择。一切很快变得明朗,考虑到有一天可能被(或许是安迪未来的孩子)重新发现,阁楼才是他们最好的去向。
As it turns out, there's another possibility. An honest mix-up leads to another world entirely: day care. They arrive at the Sunnyside Daycare Center to a warm greeting from the toys already there. Toys here are played with, every day. It seems too good to be true. 事实证明,还有另外一种可能。由于无意间的一次失误,他们进入了一个全新的世界——幼儿园。他们来到这个称为“阳光幼儿园”的地方,受到了那里的玩具同胞们的热烈欢迎。这里,每天都有人玩玩具,一切看上去太美好以至于令人难以相信。
And, of course, it is. The constant playing quickly turns into a careful-what-you-ask-for situation. More troubling, something darker lies beneath the warm-and-fuzzy (and strawberry-scented) exterior of Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear (Ned Beatty), the leader of the day-care toys. Woody, Buzz and friends will have to rely on each other if they hope to escape what isn't the idyllic situation it seems at first to be. 当然,还真是这样。玩具们不断地被孩子们玩弄,这一切很快变得不像梦想中那样美好。更麻烦的是幼儿园里的那位玩具领袖“抱抱熊”(尼德•巴蒂 配音),它那毛茸茸的外表(还带着甜甜的草莓香味)看上去很温暖,但隐藏在深处的却是其阴暗的一面。要想逃离这个刚开始看上去很“美好”的地方,胡迪、巴斯光年和朋友们不得不彼此相互依靠。
And if "escape" implies getting away from danger, meaning an exploration of darker themes, that's appropriate. The danger the toys find themselves in is real, particularly late in the story. How they face it is one of the most satisfying and moving moments in the entire series.


(China.org.cn 汪玮 译)

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