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Monkey see, monkey do, goes too far
小猕猴知恩图报 好心反而帮倒忙

By Chen Xia
China.org.cn staff reporter

The one-armed monkey and Li Chun. [File photo]

The one-armed monkey and Li Chun. [File photo]
It's another typical story concerning the trials and tribulations of a man and his monkey. 这又是一桩关于人与动物患难与共的典型事例。
It goes like this: Man saves monkey's life. Monkey earnestly attempts to repay man. Monkey slaughters 80 chickens. Man severely beats monkey. Man evicts monkey. Monkey repents. Man forgives monkey. Monkey turns out to be a protected species. Authorities order its release into the wild. Monkey refuses to go. Monkey and man continue their rocky relationship. 故事的经过大致是这样的:男子救了猴子的命;猴子一心报恩;猴子杀了80只鸡;男子痛打猴子;男子将猴子逐出家门;猴子悔过自新;男子原谅了猴子;经证实这只猴子属国家级保护动物;当地政府责令男子将猴子放归野外;猴子不肯离去;猴子和主人继续磕磕绊绊地生活在一起。
Yunnan Province's Spring City Evening News reports the unnamed monkey was rescued by Mr. Li Chun last May when Li found it badly injured in a forest in the southwest of the province. 据云南省《春城晚报》报道,去年五月的一天,李春先生在该省西南部的一片树林里发现一只受伤严重的猴子,并将这只不知名的猴子带回家中救治。
According to Li, to save the monkey's life he had to amputate an arm and a leg. He then guided the monkey through a lengthy rehabilitation period. Once recovered, the monkey was eager to show his gratitude to Li. Li says the monkey wipes away his tears when he cries, but he didn't divulge the reasons for his tears or how often he cries. The monkey displays affection for the family's dogs -- as if they were the monkey's own children. 据李先生讲,为了保住猴子的性命,他不得不截去了它的一只前臂和一条后腿。接下来他帮助猴子度过了一段漫长的康复期。身体刚一康复,猴子便急于表达它对李先生的感激之情。李先生说,每当他哭泣时,这只猴子会伸手为他拭泪,但他没有透露自己哭泣的原因或次数。猴子对待家中的小狗,就像对待自己的孩子一样精心呵护。
However, the heart-warming story took an abrupt turn when the monkey began to imitate its master. 然而不久,这只猴子便开始模仿主人的行为,这桩温馨的故事也随之峰回路转了。
"After seeing me crack eggs, the monkey decided to search for eggs in the henhouse and crack them all," Li said. 李先生说:“看到我打鸡蛋,这只猴子于是也到鸡窝里把鸡蛋翻出来全部打碎。”
He assumed the monkey's heart was in the right place, but now all Li's hens do their laying at his neighbor's. 李先生知道猴子是好心,但它最终害得家中的母鸡都跑到邻居家去下蛋了。

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