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The Other Guys

片名:The Other Guys

导演:亚当•麦凯(Adam McKay)

主演:威尔•法瑞尔(Will Ferrell)
          马克•沃尔伯格(Mark Wahlberg)
          伊娃•门德斯(Eva Mendes)
          塞缪尔•杰克逊(Samuel L. Jackson)
          道恩•强森(Dwayne Johnson)
          迈克尔•基顿(Michael Keaton)
          史蒂夫•库根(Steve Coogan)



The Story





Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) is totally comfortable being the New York police detective who does all the paperwork for his precinct's hotdog detectives. He's into forensic accounting and not so into going out and actually making arrests. Meanwhile his partner, Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg), wants to be out in the field bagging the bad guys but is on desk restriction after shooting Derek Jeter. Yes, that Derek Jeter. Terry's now the laughingstock of the NYPD and has little hope of ever recovering his reputation. 艾伦•盖姆伯尔(威尔•法瑞尔 饰)作为一名纽约警探,主要任务却是给警察局里的超级探员处理文书工作,对此他心甘情愿。 他喜欢法务会计工作,至于出去展开实地抓捕,他并不那么感兴趣。而他的搭档特里•霍兹(马克•沃尔伯格 饰)很想走出去,实地抓捕坏蛋,但是因为一次执行任务时朝德瑞克•基特(对,就是棒球明星德瑞克•基特)开枪,他被限定只能做些办公室工作。如今,特里就是纽约警察局里的笑柄,就连恢复自己名誉的希望都微乎其微。 
However, after an unfortunate series of events puts the department's top detectives (played by Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson) primo spot at the front of the line up for grabs, Terry leaps at the chance to get back out on the streets. And because Allen's his partner, the career desk jockey is forced into actually doing some legwork. Of course this doesn't go smoothly, with their first attempt at beating another pair of detectives to a crime scene ending up with Allen's Prius resting on top of the already dead body and his car covered in cocaine. 然而,在一系列不幸事件发生之后,警察局里原先身处办案一线的两位高级警探(塞缪尔•杰克逊,道恩•强森 饰)所在的首要位置有了空缺,开始实行公开竞选,特里于是抓住这个机会重回本行,上街执勤。作为他的搭档,艾伦这个案牍办事员也不得不外出跑跑腿。当然,一切并非那么顺利。初次尝试,他们本想比另一组警探抢先一步到达犯罪现场,结果艾伦的那辆普锐斯直接轧上了受害者的尸体,还弄得车身上到处是可卡因。
It's apparent Allen, who loves the Little River Band and is only allowed to carry a wooden gun after his captain (Michael Keaton) relieves him of his weapon following a deliberate 'desk pop', isn't cut out for this part of the job. But Terry's not wiling to give up and drags his reluctant partner deeper into an investigation of a billionaire (Steve Coogan) who's up to his armpits in shady deals involving millions and millions of dollars. 很显然,艾伦天生就不是做这种工作的料。他喜欢小河流合唱团;他还曾在办公室“蓄意开枪”,队长(迈克尔•基顿 饰)因此没收了他的配枪,只允许他随身携带一支木枪。然而,特里可不愿放弃;尽管艾伦很不情愿,他还是说服了这位搭档,开始对一位亿万富翁(史蒂夫•库根 饰)展开了深入调查。这位亿万富翁深陷不正当的商业勾当,涉案数额高达数百万美元。
This is a seemingly innocuous case no other detective wants to touch, but that could turn into New York City's biggest crime. It's the opportunity of their lives, but do these guys have the right stuff?


(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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