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          (Christopher Nolan)
          (Leonardo DiCaprio)
          (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
           渡边谦(Ken Watanabe)
           艾伦•佩姬(Ellen Page)
           汤姆•哈迪(Tom Hardy)
           迪利普•劳(Dileep Rao)
           希里安•墨菲(Cillian Murphy)
           汤姆•贝伦杰(Tom Berenger)
           玛丽昂•歌迪亚(Marion Cotillard)
           迈克尔•凯恩(Michael Caine)



The Story



In Inception, Nolan imagines a new kind of corporate espionage wherein a thief enters a person's brain during the dream state to steal ideas. This is done by an entire team of "extractors" who design the architecture of the dreams, forge identities within the dream and even pharmacologically help several people to share these dreams. 导演诺兰在《盗梦空间》里虚构了一种新的商业间谍活动,这里,小偷可以潜入一个人的梦境世界来窃取信息。所有这些都是靠一支完整的“盗梦人”团队来运作,他们建构梦境并在梦中伪造身份,甚至通过药物来实现几个人享有同样的梦境。
The rules of dream worlds are explained: individuals hurt in a dream world will experience pain in a very real sense, but in-dream death merely causes the individual to wake. Dreamers use "totems", small self-made artifacts (e.g. Cobb's metal top), to test whether they are awake or merely dreaming. Mazelike dream worlds contain the other shared dreamers -- all sleeping in a special drug-induced state in close proximity to each other. Objects and characters in the dreams are projections of the dreamers' minds, and may be lacking in unconsidered details. Dream crimes perpetrated by the likes of Cobb usually involve "extraction" of secrets from a target's mind. 梦境世界里的规则如下:在梦中受伤的人会很真实地感受到疼痛,但是,在梦里死去只会让这个人从梦中醒过来。做梦的人借助一种“标志物”——自制的小手工艺品(如:主角科布的金属陀螺)来验证自己是醒着还是在做梦。迷宫般的梦境世界里可以同时出现其他做梦的人,前提是:所有的人须同处于一种由药物引发的特殊睡眠状态,而且互相离得很近。梦里的一些物件和人物所影射出来的是做梦人的心理,而做梦人本身所忽视的细节则会在梦境中缺失。科布这类人在梦境中犯下的罪行往往就是“盗梦”,即潜入目标对象的梦境世界来窃取其思维深处的秘密。
Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a master extractor, who is for what initially are vague reasons on the run and cannot return home to his children in the States. Then along comes a powerful businessman, Saito (Ken Watanabe), who offers Dom his life back -- if he'll perform a special job. 莱昂纳多•迪卡普里奥饰演的多姆•科布是一个手段高明的盗梦人,过着一种逃亡生活,因此不能回到美国与他的孩子们相聚;至于其中的原因,影片开头并未给与说明。接着出场的是一位有权势的商人齐藤(渡边谦 饰),他承诺可以让多姆的生活回归正轨,但前提是他需要完成一项特殊的任务。
Saito wants Dom to do the impossible: inception. Instead of stealing an idea, he wants Dom to plant one, an idea that will cause the mark, Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), to break up his father's multibillion-dollar corporation for "emotional" reasons. 齐藤想要多姆去做的是一件不可能完成的事情:奠基。与以往窃取思想不同,他要求多姆去植入思想,使得“目标”罗伯特•费舍尔(希里安•墨菲 饰)因为“感情”原因而瓦解父亲价值数十亿美元的企业。
Meanwhile, you meet the other team members -- Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Dom's longtime point man; Eames (Tom Hardy), the forger; Yusuf (Dileep Rao), the chemist; and Dom's father-in-law (Michael Caine), who is not on the team but the professor who taught Dom to share dreams. 与此同时,你会认识团队中的其他成员:多姆一直以来的“前哨者”亚瑟(约瑟夫•高登-莱维特 饰)、“伪造者”埃姆斯(汤姆•哈迪 饰)、“药剂师”尤瑟夫(迪利普•劳 饰);还有多姆的岳父(迈克尔•凯恩 饰),他虽然不在这支团队,但正是这位教授教会了多姆如何共享梦境。
Dom's late wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard), haunts his own dream world like a kind of Mata Hari, intent on messing with his mind if not staking a claim to his very life. He doesn't let on about this, but Dom's new architect, Ariadne (Ellen Page), figures it out -- which makes her realize how dangerous it is to share dreams with Dom.

多姆已故的妻子玛尔(玛丽昂•歌迪亚 饰)就好像玛塔•哈里(她是世界间谍史上最富传奇的间谍之一)一般,常常出没在多姆自己的梦境中,一心要搅乱他的心智,甚至想要了他的命。多姆并未透露这些信息,但他的新“筑梦师”阿里阿德涅(艾伦•佩姬 饰)弄清楚了其中的情况,她因此意识到与多姆共享梦境是多么危险的一件事情。

(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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