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Piranha 3-D

片名:Piranha 3-D
导演:亚历山大•阿(Alexandre Aja)
        (Richard Dreyfuss)
          文•瑞姆斯(Ving Rhames)
          伊丽莎白•苏(Elisabeth Shue)
        (Christopher Lloyd)
          伊莱•罗斯(Eli Roth)
          杰瑞•奥康奈尔(Jerry O'Connell)
        (Steven R. McQueen)
          杰西卡•斯佐尔(Jessica Szohr)
          亚当•斯科特(Adam Scott)



The Story




An earthquake rattles Lake Havasu, opening a huge crack just under the surface to an underwater cave. Said underwater cave has been harvesting prehistoric piranhas for millions of years, and now that they're out, they're extremely hungry. On the other side of the lake, hundreds of half naked (drunk) college kids are going wild over Spring Break festivities. We follow the local sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) as she investigates the earthquake with a geological survey crew (including Adam Scott); the sheriff's son Jake (Steven R. McQueen), as he takes on a job as "location scout" for an internet porn guru (Jerry O'Connell), his two lovely starlets (Kelly Brook, Riley Steele), and Jake's old crush (Jessica Szhor); and thousands of hungry, mean, killer prehistoric piranhas at a lunch buffet where spring breakers are the main course. Let the piranha feeding-frenzy begin! 一场地震袭击哈瓦苏湖,使得湖底裂出一条通往海底洞穴的巨大缝隙。一群史前食人鱼在这个海底洞穴里隐藏了数百万年,如今他们重见天日,饥肠辘辘。在湖的另一头,成百上千醉醺醺的半裸大学生们正在狂欢过春假。整个故事将以下述人物为线索:当地的治安官朱莉•福斯特(伊丽莎白•苏 饰),她与一群地质勘查人员(包括亚当•斯科特饰演的角色)一起对这场地震展开了调查;治安官的儿子杰克(史蒂夫•R•麦奎因 饰),他答应带领一位网络色情电影制作者(杰瑞•奥康奈尔 饰)、两个可爱的年轻女演员(凯莉•布鲁克/莱利•斯蒂尔 饰)和杰克自己曾经追求过的女孩(杰西卡•斯佐尔 饰)一起寻找合适的外景地;还有成千上万残酷的饥饿史前杀人鱼正在享用一顿自助午餐,那里,春假狂欢者将成为它们的主菜。食人鱼疯狂捕食的一幕开始了!
The moment the piranhas are freed from their prehistoric cave, they begin to feed first on fishermen, then on divers, then they go for the main course in one of the bloodiest spring break massacres ever filmed. Every kill pushes the envelope in gory epicness. Not only do the piranhas go crazy, but the people (out of sheer terror) go a little nuts themselves, inadvertently unleashing their own brand of bloody violence upon each other. For a solid 20 minutes the film turns into blood-splattering gore fest of flesh and body parts -- done in such a way that's almost funny, with a light tone that goes for comedy. 一从史前洞穴得到释放,食人鱼就开始扑向渔民,接着是潜水员,然后直奔它们的那道主菜,上演了一出大银幕上有史以来最血腥的春假大屠杀。每一次捕杀都是在不断地挑战极限,血淋淋的场面极其震撼。疯狂的不仅仅是这些食人鱼,恐慌的人群也都多少有点儿发疯了,不经意间就把他们的残忍和暴力发泄到彼此身上。足足有20分钟,这部电影俨然成了一场血肉横飞的“盛宴”。尽管如此,影片却采用了喜剧般的轻松基调,看起来几乎逗人发笑。
With time running out and the aquatic carnivores taking over, our brave heroine Julie Forester will risk everything to save the lake and prevent her family from becoming fish food.


(China.org.cn Wendy 译)

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