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Chinese detained in UK illegal immigration clampdown

"Our co-ordinated efforts means there is no place to hide for those who live or work here illegally and for those that make money out of other people's lives. “我们的努力就是要使非法在英国生活、工作的人以及那些从其他人的生活中谋财的人无处可藏。
"We will aim to remove or prosecute those individuals, organised criminals and employers who break the law sending the clear message that offenders will be punished." “我们的目标是遣返或起诉犯法的个人、有组织的犯罪者和雇主们,从而清晰地表达违法即要被惩罚的决心。”
James Sharp, Asia Pacific Regional Director for the UK Border Agency said: 英国国家边境署亚太区主管詹姆士•夏普(James Sharp)说:
"The number of Chinese immigration offenders is disappointing and we urge all Chinese to enter the UK through the right channels and with a valid visa and to also comply with the conditions of their entry when visiting the UK. “中国籍移民罪犯数量之多让人感到遗憾,我们奉劝所有中国公民通过正确的渠道进入英国,并持有效的签证,当进入英国时遵循入境的条件。
"While the UK welcomes genuine visitors from China, we are also committed to tackling immigration abuse robustly, as evidenced by these recent arrests and removals. We also continue to work closely with the Chinese Government to raise awareness of this issue and to discourage people from offending." “同时,英国欢迎真诚的中国人民,我们还承诺将严厉打击非法移民,近期的逮捕和遣返就是最好的证据。我们还将继续与中国政府密切合作,提升在这一问题上的意识,并劝阻试图违法的人。”
Background 背景
Chinese nationals working illegally have been apprehended regularly in UK Border Agency enforcement operations on restaurants, factories and construction sites and returned to China. In 2009, 890 Chinese nationals were deported after being held in detention solely on immigration offences. 在英国国家边境署定期开展的针对餐馆、工厂和建筑工地的行动中,有不少非法打工的中国公民被遣送回中国。2009年,仅犯非法移民罪,就有890名中国公民被拘留,并最终被驱逐出境。
Chinese planning on visiting the UK can check the immigration rules at www.homeoffice.ukba.gov.uk 计划访问英国的中国公民可在www.homeoffice.ukba.gov.uk查询有关移民的规定。
Arrests are carried out by trained immigration officers who carry out operations at businesses and private addresses, acting on intelligence received from the public and other sources. All intelligence is protected. 逮捕行动是由经过训练的移民官员执行,他们依据来自公众和其他来源的情报,在企业和私人住宅开展行动。所有情报都得到保护。
Anyone who suspects that illegal workers are being employed at a business can contact Crimestoppers on 0044 (0) 800 555 111, where anonymity can be guaranteed.

任何人怀疑有企业雇佣非法劳工,可联系犯罪阻止热线0044 (0) 800 555 111,接受匿名举报。


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