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Don't shoot messenger for revealing uncomfortable truths
Prime Minister Gillard and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not had a word of criticism for the other media organisations. That is because The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel are old and large, while WikiLeaks is as yet young and small. 吉拉德总理和美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿没有对其他媒体机构进行半个字的批评。这是因为,《卫报》、《纽约时报》和《明镜周刊》资格老且势力较强,而维基解密既年轻又弱小。
We are the underdogs. The Gillard government is trying to shoot the messenger because it doesn't want the truth revealed, including information about its own diplomatic and political dealings 我们现在是被压迫者。吉拉德政府试图枪毙说出真相的人,因为它不希望它的外交和政治交易等真相被人揭露。
Has there been any response from the Australian government to the numerous public threats of violence against me and other WikiLeaks personnel? One might have thought an Australian prime minister would be defending her citizens against such things, but there have only been wholly unsubstantiated claims of illegality. The Prime Minister and especially the Attorney-General are meant to carry out their duties with dignity and above the fray. Rest assured, these two mean to save their own skins. They will not. 在我和其他维基解密员工遭遇无数公共暴力威胁的时候,澳大利亚政府的回应在哪里?澳大利亚人或许会以为,总理应该保护她的公民免受这些伤害,但政府给出的只有尚未证实的非法指控。澳大利亚总理和首席检察官本应独立于事件本身,以有尊严的方式履行他们的职责。但他们不会,他们只想挽回自己的面子。
Every time WikiLeaks publishes the truth about abuses committed by US agencies, Australian politicians chant a provably false chorus with the State Department: "You'll risk lives! National security! You'll endanger troops!" Then they say there is nothing of importance in what WikiLeaks publishes. It can't be both. Which is it? 每一次维基解密公布美国机构滥用职权的真相,澳大利亚政客们都会追随美国国务院的论调:“你会置众多生命于安危!国家安全!你会威胁军队的安全!”然后,他们却又说维基解密公布的内容并不重要。问题是,这两种说法不能同时成立。到底哪种说法才对呢?
It is neither. WikiLeaks has a four-year publishing history. During that time we have changed whole governments, but not a single person, as far as anyone is aware, has been harmed. But the US, with Australian government connivance, has killed thousands in the past few months alone. 两种说法都不对。维基解密已有4年的历史,这段时间里,我们改变了整个政府的运作方式,但正如所有人都知道的一样,没有一个人因此受到伤害。相反,在澳大利亚政府的默许之下,美国在过去的几个月时间里就杀死了数千人。
US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates admitted in a letter to the US congress that no sensitive intelligence sources or methods had been compromised by the Afghan war logs disclosure. The Pentagon stated there was no evidence the WikiLeaks reports had led to anyone being harmed in Afghanistan. NATO in Kabul told CNN it couldn't find a single person who needed protecting. The Australian Department of Defence said the same. No Australian troops or sources have been hurt by anything we have published. 美国国防部部长罗伯特·盖茨在一封写给美国参议院的信中承认,没有任何敏感情报来源或途径因维基解密公布的有关阿富汗战争的文件而中断。美国国防部称,没有任何证据证明,维基解密的报道导致了任何人在阿富汗受到伤害。北约驻喀布尔人员向CNN表示,没有发现任何一个需要保护的个人。澳大利亚国防部的表态如出一辙。没有任何澳大利亚军队或情报人员因为我们公布的材料而受到伤害。

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