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Part III.

Listen to the following longer passages and then choose the best answer to each of the questions by blackening the corresponding circle. You may need to scribble a few notes in order to answer the questions satisfactorily. There are 20 questions in this part of the test, two points for each question.

Passage One

21. What is the most appropriate title for the passage?

a. The Future of Sugar Industry in Central America

b. Unemployment in Latin America

c. Reforms in Sugar Industry in North America.

d. The Impact of the Declining Sugar Industry

22. Which of the following statements is not true of Trinidadian workers who were made jobless in early September?

a. They held protests against the government on the street.

b. They became independent cane farmers.

c. They were compensated with a total of 115 million dollars.

d. They were given the chance of retraining for new job careers.

23. What happened to Jamaica's sugar factories in the 1990s?

a. They witnessed unsuccessful reforms.

b. They went bankrupt due to crop failure.

c. They suffered from inefficient production.

d. They failed due to a shortage of labor supply.

24. What is happening to Barbados's sugar industry?

a. It is prosperous and stable.

b. It has vast expanses of deserted cane fields.

c. It uses cane fields as tourist attractions.

d. It stopped growing sugar 30 years ago.

25. Which of the following statements best summarizes the main idea of the passage?

a. The sugar industry varies in prosperity among producing countries in Latin America.

b. World sugar producers all suffer from short supply of canes.

c. The world sugar industry is undergoing fatal depression.

d. Major sugar producers have adopted different strategies to combat the sluggish economy.

Passage Two

26. Which is the most appropriate title for the passage?

a. A Comparative Study of the Telecom Industry in China and India

b. Differences on Use of Mobile Phones in China and India

c. Geographical and Cultural Differences between China and India

d. Different Regulations on Mobile Phones in China and India

27. According to the writer of this article, how many people sign up as new mobile phone subscribers in China every month?

a. 10 million.

b. 7 million.

c. 5 million.

d. 22 million

28. Why are the prices of mobile telephone services lower in China's eastern coastal region?

a. The average disposable income is lower in the region.

b. The GDP is higher in the region.

c. The costs of operators are lower due to a greater number of users of mobile phone services in the region.

d. The operators compete with each other in order to win over subscribers.

29. Why are mobile phones popular in China, according to the speaker?

a. They are considered as fashionable items.

b. They keep people closer to each other.

c. They are more convenient to users than fixed phones.

d. They are considered time-saving devices.

30. How does the speaker feel about the regulation of mobile services in India?

a. It has produced desired effects.

b. It has more advantages than disadvantages.

c. It helps promote competition..

d. It has created a negative impact in the market.

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