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Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt (Facebook: @MitchBlattPolitics) is a columnist and writer based in Korea. He covers foreign affairs and culture, particularly issues related to Korea and East Asia politics. He has contributed to outlets like the South China Morning Post, the Korea Times, the Shanghai Daily, USA Today, Roads & Kingdoms, and China.org.cn. Read some of his articles at www.ChinaTravelWriter.com. Learn more at www.Mitchell Blatt.com.
September 25, 2021
Universal Beijing Resort proves a hit with visitors
The world's largest Universal Studios theme park and resort recently opened in Beijing, just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays.
August 25, 2021
US elites double down on failure in Afghanistan
The American press and political elites agree that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was a mistake, but are career and business interests clouding their judgment?
August 21, 2021
Riding the rails in China
China's rail network allowed travelers to fulfil their dreams of adventure. But its real value is in how it helps make life easier for everybody.
July 5, 2021
US falls behind in COVID-19 vaccination rate
While the more highly transmissible Delta variant is threatening to take hold, the United States has fallen behind in vaccination rate, which could lead to even worse variants.
June 12, 2021
​Dating amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Many things have been blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic, among them, it seems, love has gone out of the window.
May 10, 2021
The many meanings of May Day
May Day in America may have gone through transformations since its conception, but the struggle remains the same.
April 24, 2021
Vaccine skepticism poses huge challenge for US recovery
COVID-19 vaccines were being hailed in conservative media outlets last year as Trump's "greatest achievement as president." Now, the same outlets are sewing distrust in the vaccines.
March 26, 2021
The intertwined problems behind mass shootings in US
The problems of violence in the U.S. can be classified in many ways, analyzed using multiple frameworks and endlessly argued about – however, all of them are connected with each other.
March 23, 2021
Anti-Asian hate crimes epidemic spreads across US
Harmful stereotypes that emerged in the 19th century against Asians emigrating to America have resurfaced in a vicious and deadly form today, and American society must expunge such racist thinking as soon as possible.
February 5, 2021
Does the GameStop saga represent populism in US?
The GameStop controversy has been framed into a populist narrative of the "little guy" taking on Wall Street, but the reality is much more complex.
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