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Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt (Facebook: @MitchBlattPolitics) is a journalist, columnist, and translator based in East Asia. He covers foreign affairs, travel, and culture for outlets like The National Interest, Roads & Kingdoms, and China.org.cn. In addition, he offers translation and proofreading services to clients. Read some of his articles at www.ChinaTravelWriter.com. Learn more at www.Mitchell Blatt.com.
January 20, 2016
Trump's tariff plan a bad deal
Trump's toying with tariffs and restrictions on foreign countries reflects his protectionism and his strategy to fear-monger about foreign countries and peoples.
November 30, 2015
Trump campaign becomes uglier
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump moves ever closer to a Fascist/Nazi tag.
November 28, 2015
Don't cower in the face of terrorism
While it is fine to be vigilant, people shouldn't live in fear. Terrorism is meant to make people live in fear.
November 19, 2015
US politicians misguided on anti-terror policies
It is easy to overreact to terrorist violence, but that helps no-one.
November 10, 2015
Partisan rifts in China views
The U.S. presidential election campaign shows how complex American views on China have become.
October 10, 2015
Refugee crisis shows EU problems
The flood of refugees pouring across Western Europe, mainly from Syria, at present has revealed some of the weaknesses of the entire EU structure that its founders never imagined.
October 9, 2015
Why Trump is leading the Republican race
A recent Pew poll reveals some interesting profiles of the voting groups who will choose the next U.S. president that pose problems for all candidates.
October 3, 2015
AIIB closes Asian funding gaps
Recent developments suggest any American opposition to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will ultimately prove self-defeating.
September 27, 2015
Xi's visit seeks to instill confidence in reforms
The writer examines how, on his US visit, President Xi Jinping, seeks to promote business confidence in China’s reform processes.
September 18, 2015
Trump supporters feel loss of privilege
The continued strength of Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican presidential election baffles many foreign observers. This writer tries to explain the underlying causes.
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