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Mitchell Blatt
标题图片 Mitchell Blatt (Twitter: @MitchBlatt) is a journalist and columnist based in East Asia. He has covered a wide range of topics including foreign affairs, Chinese culture, travel, music, and film for outlets like Map Magazine, the Daily Caller, and the Shanghai Daily. In 2013 he was the lead author of Panda Guides Hong Kong guidebook. Read some of his articles at www.ChinaTravelWriter.com.
2017 July 18
Macron tackles thorny issue of seeking labor reform
Facing high unemployment rates, French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking significant reforms in the labor system, despite the failure of his predecessors.
2017 June 10
Indonesian verdict threat to diversity
A worrying trend of intolerance for any minority view is spreading around the world, as evidenced by events in countries as disparate as the U.S. and Indonesia.
2017 May 11
A new president and new opportunities in Korea
With the South Korean presidential election settled, attention now turns to how the new man will deal with his northern neighbor, as well as handling a volatile president in Washington.
2017 May 2
What's the deal with US foreign policy lately?
President Donald Trump, having been caught out in a big blustering lie over North Korea, now risks being ignored if he continues this way.
2017 April 29
Trump's ignorance hurts US policy
It's said that "ignorance is bliss," but surely not when one is leading a powerful country. The next four years of a Trump presidency could prove very scary.
2017 April 11
US missile strikes for the cameras
The missile attack on a Syrian airbase ordered by President Donald Trump was designed to impress the American media and the voting public. It did nothing to help those suffering from violence in Syria.
2017 April 9
Will Brexit really mean changes?
The negotiating process for Britain's exit from the E.U. has begun, and already there are signs of fudge that little will change, making British voters wonder what all the fuss was about.
2017 March 30
Terrorism narratives in the West distorted
Given the current Western obsession with terrorism, this label tends to be applied indiscriminately, and often wrongly, to all violent incidents.
2017 February 4
Trump's attack on American values
Trump's ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries is an attack on traditional American values.
2017 January 24
The selling of Trump's Cabinet
Trump's Cabinet nominations are a textbook example of the wealthy buying their way into politics.
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