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Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt (Facebook: @MitchBlattPolitics) is a journalist, columnist, and translator based in East Asia. He covers foreign affairs, travel, and culture for outlets like The National Interest, Roads & Kingdoms, and China.org.cn. In addition, he offers translation and proofreading services to clients. Read some of his articles at www.ChinaTravelWriter.com. Learn more at www.Mitchell Blatt.com.
November 27, 2019
Questions posed by CGI advances
Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has reached an advanced stage where a legendary actor who died in 1955 can be brought back to life on the screen, but this raises some troubling issues.
October 2, 2019
A foreigner's view on National Day
Each country has its own way of celebrating national founding day. This writer recalls his first National Day in China.
September 23, 2019
New security advisor, same old American policies
Donald Trump's latest action against Iran follows the usual pattern of filled with fury but little fire. Yet, there may be an invisible red line that could be crossed with devastating consequences.
September 12, 2019
Bolton firing brings more instability to Trump admin
With the departure of John Bolton one day before September 11, does it mean Trump wants to change course?
September 14, 2019
Japan-ROK trade war marred by history
Japan and ROK's current trade war is rooted in numerous historical grievances but both sides need to put the past behind them and work out a solution that would benefit its citizens.
August 25, 2019
American strategic failure on Iran destroys its credibility
The America's lack of credibility, as evidenced in its inability to come up with a coherent plan in regard to Iran is exacerbating Gulf tensions, the only hope being to keep the lid on until President Trump goes.
August 21, 2019
Mass shootings and the American global image
Mass shootings continue to plague Americans accompanied by political paralysis in doing something to reduce the deadly scourge.
June 26, 2019
Trump's actions leading to rising tensions between US and Iran
U.S. President Trump is playing a game of brinksmanship with Iran and causing rising geo-political tensions which could have global repercussions.
June 18, 2019
Big tasks for the next American president
Donald Trump is so unpopular there's a real chance a Democrat will be the next American president. He or she will have some big issues to resolve.
June 6, 2019
Trump's threats to Mexico undermine credibility
Trump's recent threat of tariffs on Mexico, aimed at curbing the migrant crisis, is not only misguided but also possibly illegal.
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