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Health & Sports
Top 10 richest soccer players in the world 2014
Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, with an overall personal fortune of €210 million, cemented his position as the world's wealthiest soccer player in 2014.
Top 10 young soccer players to watch in 2015
Here are ten of the best young budding soccer talents that you might want to keep your eye on this year.
Top 10 deadly viruses in the world
These viruses brought huge misery and even disaster to humans. Some of these viruses have been eliminated or controlled, but others have not.
Top 10 highest-paid coaches of 2014 World Cup
Let‘s shift our attention from the pitch to the sidelines to check out the top 10 highest-paid soccer coaches in this summer’s World Cup.
Top 10 disappointing teams in 2014 World Cup
Many teams with high expectations fell early this year. Which ones are suffering the most?
Top 10 crying moments of the World Cup
Happiness and sorrow are siblings in the competitive sports. Let's take a look at the top 10 most memorable crying moments of the World Cup.
Top 10 players in the 2014 World Cup
David Luiz, vice captain of Brazil national team, tops the latest ranking of football players released by FIFA.
Top 10 richest players at FIFA World Cup 2014
Top athletes at FIFA World Cup 2014 are paid top dollar for their athletic performance.
Top 15 highest-paid Chinese athletes in 2013
Li Na, the most famous Chinese tennis player in the world, tops the list for the third consecutive year.
Top 15 most beautiful female athletes in Sochi
As we are watching the intense Olympic competition in Sotchi unfold, we must not underestimate the beauty that shines from within the female athletes themselves.
Top 10 sports news stories in 2013
The following are the top 10 sports news stories in China in 2013 selected by
Top 10 most popular EPL stars in China
Top 10 most popular NBA stars with Chinese fans
The American basketball NBA teams are extremely popular around the world; especially the team members attract legions of Chinese fans thanks to their charm and on-court skills.
Top 10 world's highest-paid female athletes 2013
Just how much money can you make playing tennis? Find out in the latest Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid female athletes.
Top 10 hospitals in China
The Hospital Management Institute of Fudan University in Shanghai released a list of the top 10 best hospitals in China.
Top 10 most profitable bio-med companies
Shanghai Pharmaceuticals had the highest net profit among China’s A-share bio-med companies in 2012.
Top 10 countries for mothers
Where in the world do mothers have it best? Find out with this authoritative list compiled by Save the Children.
Top 10 most expensive soccer players of all time
Check out the top ten soccer players in terms of combined transfer fees in the history of soccer.
Top 10 ski resorts in China
These 10 ski resorts boast excellent snow quality and offer superb service against the backdrop of a winter wonderland.
Top 10 highest-earning Chinese athletes of 2012
Thanks to the big show that was the London Olympics, the year 2012 witnessed a skyrocketing of Chinese athletes' wealth.
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