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Biz & Shopping
Top 10 official gold holdings around the world
With uncertainties shrouding the global economy and the precarious position of the US dollar as a global currency, gold has increased its appeal as a reserve asset.
Top 10 innovative cities in Asia-Pacific
Innovation is essential for a city’s sustainable business growth. Check out the most innovative cities within the Asia-Pacific.
Top 10 best-selling sedans in China 2012
Which cars were the most popular on China's market in 2012? Check out the top ten consumers’ preferences right here.
Top 10 fastest-growing provincial economies in China 2012
The 2012 economic data for China's provincial economies has been released, with Tianjin leading the rankings with the fastest GDP growth rate.
Top 10 largest provincial economies in China 2012
24 out of the 31 provincial economies on the Chinese mainland entered the "1 trillion yuan club" in 2012.
Top 10 least transparent multinational companies
Three Chinese companies are among the world's 10 worst-performing multinational companies in transparency in corporate reporting index.
Top 10 most transparent multinational companies
An authoritative anti-corruption organization has ranked the world's largest multinational companies in their transparency in corporate reporting index.
Top 10 world's most expensive real estate markets
If you want to live big, you have to spend big. Find out the most costly residential locations in the world.
Top 10 best cities for business in China 2012
Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen are named the best three cities for business on Chinese mainland in 2012.
Top 10 time-honored Chinese brands
Check out how these old brands manage to retain their competitive edges over the course of hundreds of years.
Top 10 highest-paying tech companies 2012
Among 25 leading high-tech companies operating in China this year, Google paid its employees the most on average, according to a study.
Top 15 expat destinations 2012
Asia is becoming increasingly popular with expats in terms of financial opportunities and life experiences.
Top 10 investment destinations in the world 2012
Check out how CFOs from globally aspiring companies view their growth prospects overseas.
Top 10 destinations with highest financial gain for expats
Asian countries and regions are showing great potential in providing the highest financial gain for expats living and working there.
Top 10 innovative companies of 2012
Check out the top 10 companies that are able to sustain high innovation premium and have brought about new ways of life in the world.
Top 10 Chinese brands
Although currently many of the most popular brands in China are foreign brands, we have reached a tipping point for many major homegrown brands.
Top 10 gold-producing provinces in China
The top ten of the 27 gold-producing provincial regions in China produced 286.52 tons of the precious metal in 2011, an overwhelming 79.38 percent of the national total.
Top 10 over-priced buildings in China
More and more construction projects have broken ground in China over the past few years, with billions of dollars being poured into their budgets.
Top 10 most expensive trucks of 2012
Check out the top 10 most expensive trucks of 2012.
Top 10 innovative companies in Asia
Baidu was ranked the most innovative company in Asia this year, according to the latest Forbes rankings.
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