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Top 10 most influential urban agglomerations in the world
Here are the top 10 most influential urban agglomerations in the world.
Top 10 sex and gender related incidents in China in 2014
This list of influential incidents aims to highlight sex and gender issues, improve human rights and promote gender equality.
Top 15 records on Christmas celebrations
Around the world, people love Christmas, creating many amazing records in the process.
Top 12 special forces of the Chinese military
Special Forces are military units strictly selected and trained for the execution of a nation's special missions. Take a look at China's twelve leading ones right here.
Top 8 hottest writers in China of 2014
For literary world, the year 2014 may not be conspicuous. But for some writers, it may be an unforgettable year as they were pushed to the tip of tide.
Top 9 Asian cities for students in 2015
Thanks to high rankings on safety and transparency, Hong Kong was ranked the best Asian city for students.
Top 10 institutions for high-quality science in the world in 2014
The Chinese Academy of Sciences topped the Top 200 Institutions ranking in the latest Nature Index from Nature Publishing Group.
Top 10 happiest cities in China 2014
Chengdu led the Top 10 Happiest Cities in China 2014 list released by Oriental Outlook magazine and the Annual Report on Urban Development of China.
Top 10 countries with smallest gender gap
The gender gap has narrowed as economic participation and political empowerment of women improved slightly, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2014.
Top 10 most popular liberal arts universities in China
Find out where most top-scoring students taking part in the college entrance exam in 10 Chinese provinces send their college applications.
Top 10 most popular engineering and science universities in China
Find out where most top-scoring students taking part in the college entrance exam in 10 Chinese provinces send their college applications.
The 15 college majors with the lowest employment rates in China
Some college majors may look promising on the surface, but they may make it difficult to find a good job after graduation.
Top 10 most influential cities in the world
London topped the world's most influential cities list released by Forbes recently, due to its long history of dominating global financial services.
Top 10 most liveable cities in the world in 2014
Melbourne topped the list of the world's most liveable cities in 2014, released by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the fourth consecutive year.
Top 10 suicide spots in the world
More and more people kill themselves because of heavy social pressure. Take a look at the world's 10 most popular places to commit suicide.
Top 10 deadliest airplane shootdown incidents
Innocent civilians can easily become the sacrifice of cruel political struggles. Let's take a look at the 10 deadliest airplane shoot down incidents.
Top 20 surnames in China
"Wang" topped the surname ranking list in China with nearly 100 million people, making it the most common surname in China.
Top 10 most employable majors in China 2014
Architecture, safety engineering and geological engineering are the top three majors with the highest employment rate for the college graduates in 2013.
Top 10 cities with highest inclusion in 2013
Three cities in Guangdong Province took the first three spots on the 50 Chinese Cities on Inclusion Ranking List, proving the strong inclusion of the province for external population.
Top 20 universities in Asia 2014
Four Chinese universities claimed spots in the Top 10 list of Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2014, released on June 19.
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