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Top 10 US universities in 2015
Pomona College topped the list of America's Top Colleges 2015, showing the high return on investment of its degrees.
Top 10 postmodern buildings under construction
Over the past few years, more and more construction projects around the world have broken new ground. Many of them are well designed, environmentally friendly, multi-functional and very modern.
Top 10 most reputable countries in 2015
A country with a good reputation can attract more tourists, improve diplomacy and draw in foreign expertise and talent. Find out which countries enjoy the best reputation in 2015.
Top 10 most expensive colleges in US
The most expensive colleges in the United States are charging close to $50,000 a year in tuition and fees alone.
Top 10 college majors with the lowest employment rates
Applied Physics, Performance, and Music Performance were the majors with the lowest employment rates for college graduates last year.
Top 10 most employable majors in China 2015
Check out the top ten college majors with the highest employment rate in China.
Top 10 lowest-paying majors for Chinese graduates 2015
Traditional Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, and preschool education were the three lowest-paying majors for Chinese college students who graduated in 2014, according to MyCOS’s 2015 Chinese College Graduates Employment Report.
Top 10 best paid graduate jobs in China 2015
Game designers, Internet developers and software engineers are the three highest-paying jobs for graduates, according to MyCOS.
Top 10 universities in Asia in 2015
Find out about the best-performing universities in Asia as ranked by a leading global career and education network.
Top 10 Chinese universities for undergraduate majors
The Chinese Universities Alumni Association recently released the 2015 edition of Chinese University Undergraduate Major Evaluation Report. Here are the top 10 Chinese universities with best undergraduate majors.
Top 10 'young' universities in the world
Centuries-old universities often boast glorious histories and sterling reputations, but many younger universities also show great potential as rising stars.
Top 10 deadliest cities in the world
In which cities in the world are you most likely to face a terrorist attack? A new list will tell you.
Top 10 economies for pupil achievement in basic skills
Which countries and regions have the best school systems? Compare this list with the one you have in mind.
Top 10 Chinese universities for graduate salaries
Graduates with bachelor's degrees from these universities and colleges earn the highest salaries in China.
Top 13 'most powerful' passports in the world
Arton Capital, a financial advisory firm, recently released a passport index that sorts passports of 199 countries and regions by their "power."
Top 10 best reputed universities in the world 2014
Harvard University has retained its top spot on the Times Higher Education's world reputation ranking of universities.
Top 10 Chinese universities with the highest transparency
Ocean University of China topped the ranking on the Transparency of Higher Education in China with a score of 88.87.
Top 20 Chinese universities in 2015
Peking University topped the ranking again with a total score of 205.71, showing its superb overall strength among numerous prestigious universities.
Top 10 places in the world to leave a love lock
The following 10 destinations are the most romantic places to lock your love forever.
Top 10 ugliest buildings in China 2014
Check out the unhappy winners of the voting for the top 10 ugliest buildings in China in 2014.
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