West Sea Grand Canyon

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The West Sea Grand Canyon, which opened to tourists in 2000, is a relatively new scenic area of Mount Huangshan. Covering 25 square kilometers, the area is dubbed Heaven on Earth and A Fantasy World for its unique and beautiful sceneries.

Here you will be amazed by the power of Mother Nature, manifested by the clusters of steep peaks, numerous oddly-shaped rocks and gnarled pines, deep ravines, spectacular sunset glows and fascinating sea of clouds. Some say that the West Sea Grand Canyon is the most representive, thrilling and shocking of Mount Huangshan, offering tourists endless mysterious views.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a moment of tranquility here -- which bustling scenic areas like the Jade Screen and the North Sea fail to offer.

The Cloud-Dispersing Pavilion in the North Sea scenic area is the main entrance to the canyon. Standing at the entrance, you will see before you the Celestial Basking Boot rock, the Celestial Dog Barking at the Moon rock and the Wusong Beating the Tiger rock.

Famous peaks across the canyon are Double Bamboo Shoots Peak, Nine-Dragon Peak, the Stone Column Peak and the Pine Forest Peak among others.

Hiking through the canyon takes five to six hours. You can first reach the Cloud-Dispersing Pavilion or the Bright Top by cable car and then do some climbing. Start out from either of the two places for a loop trip around the canyon.

To make touring of the canyon easier and less time-consuming, Mount Huangshan's West Sea Grand Canyon sight-seeing monorail was put into operation on July 9, 2013. With a carrying capacity of 60+1, the monorail runs between the southwest approach to the West Sea Grand Canyon and the main peak area, some 300 meters from Baiyun Hotel. The 893 meters will take less than five minutes at its highest speed of 8 m/s, carrying 800 people per hour. The fare will cost you 80 yuan during the trial run.


1. The West Sea Grand Canyon is off-limits to tourists from December 1 to March 31 every year as safety precautions. Never ever attempt to go hiking in the area this time of year because of the freezing cold temperatures.

2. The only service station there is at the bottom of the canyon, so it would be wise to take some food and water as well as medicine with you.

3. The hike can prove strenuous for some mountaineers. Some of the steps are built on top of the cliff itself, so acrophobes and heart-disease sufferers are advised against hiking in this area.


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