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-- From the Pine Valley Nunnery to the Beihai Hotel

Take a bus from the Huangshan District of Huangshan City to the Pine Valley Nunnery Station of the Taiping Cableway.

Here you can either take the cableway up to the Purple Cloud State near the Cloud-Dispersing Pavilion and then walk to the Bright Top or the Beihai Hotel. Or you can ascend to the Beihai Hotel by walking for about four hours. When climbing up, you will find the Lion Peak, the Stone Monkey Watching the Sea and the Refreshing Terrace to you right.

You can stay at the Beihai Hotel for the night and get up early the next morning to watch the sunrise at the Dawn Pavilion, not far from the hotel.

Because this path has been in disrepair for many years, inexperienced mountaineers are not advised to take it.


1. Tourists coming in from Mount Jiuhua, Hefei City, Tongling City, Wuhu City, and Chizhou City in northern Anhui Province can take this route.

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