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Records set by South-to-North Water Diversion Project

China.org.cnUpdated: May 8, 2018

X. China's deepest water diversion shaft – shaft of the Yellow River Crossing Project of the central route

Located around 30 kilometers to the west of Zhengzhou, the Yellow River Crossing Project of the Central Route is designed to transfer water diverted from the Yangtze River through the central route, to cross the Yellow River. The large, cylinder structure shaft was built in the high permeable foundation of fine sand, on the bank of the Yellow River. With an inner diameter of 16.4 meters and a depth of 50.5 meters, the shaft has a design flow of 265 cubic meters per second and an increasing flow of 320 cubic meters per second. Double-layered, the shaft's outer layer is an underground diaphragm wall with the thickness of 1.5 meters and a depth of 76.6 meters, and its inner layer is made with concrete steel with the thickness of 0.8 meters. It is by far China's largest and deepest shaft, also with the most complicated geological conditions and most difficult engineering conditions.

An upward view of the shaft.

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