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World records set by South-to-North Water Diversion Project

China.org.cnUpdated: May 8, 2018

XII. China's largest scale dam elevation project – the Danjiangkou Dam Elevation Project

By pouring concrete on the body of the original dam, the Danjiangkou Dam Elevation Project elevates both the concrete dam and the core earth-rock dam. After elevation, the height of the dam increased from 162 meters to 176.6 meters, with the normal water level rising from 157 meters to 170 meters, adding 11.6 billion cubic meters of reservoir capacity. Specific structural technologies were applied during the elevation project to blend the original concrete with the newly poured. Without affecting the dam's normal operation, the project successfully elevated the dam along with fracture detection and repairing, making it one of the most complicated cases of the world's dam elevation projects.

The Danjiangkou Dam after elevation.

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