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FM Press Releases
China urges Japan to stop hyping up security threats
China on Friday expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to concerning content in Japan's 2022 defense white paper, urging the country to stop arbitrarily hyping up security threats in the neighborhood to justify its military build-up.
China looks to deepen strategic mutual trust with Indonesia
China said on Thursday that it looks to deepen strategic mutual trust and practical cooperation with Indonesia, after announcing President Joko Widodo's upcoming visit to China next week.
China will act strongly if US official insists on visiting Taiwan: spokesperson
​Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Thursday that China will act strongly to resolutely respond to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's planned trip to Taiwan and take countermeasures should the U.S. side insist on making the visit.
China urges US to stop looting Syrian national resources
The United States should immediately stop plundering Syria's national resources, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.
China urges US to stop fueling militarization and weaponization of outer space
​The United States should stop fueling the militarization and weaponization of outer space, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday.
China urges US to stop arms sales to Taiwan
​China on Tuesday urged the United States to immediately stop arms sales to Taiwan and faithfully implement its statement of not supporting "Taiwan independence."
China refutes US report on Xinjiang-related issues
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday that the issues related to Xinjiang are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but about fighting terrorism and separatism, and the Chinese government's counterterrorism and deradicalization measures have substantially turned the security situation around in Xinjiang.
Chinese FM spokesperson urges investigations into UK, US war crimes, human rights violations
​A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Monday said the international community should conduct a thorough investigation into the UK's and U.S. war crimes and human rights violations, so that justice is done for the innocent victims and people all over the world are protected from bullying and cruelty.
China urges US to revoke arms sales plan to Taiwan
China firmly opposes U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and urges the United States to revoke the arms sales plan, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said here Monday.
China to work with new Philippine government to upgrade infrastructure: spokesperson
​China is ready to work with the new government of the Philippines to advance project construction and build more benchmark projects for infrastructure cooperation, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday.
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