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'Good atmosphere' in ties
High-speed link means fast future for tourism destination
China pledges to protect rights of female employees
Free health check-ups offered to 50,000 female workers in Xinjiang
China has labor surplus in rural and urban areas: minister
Zhang Yimou appeals for sterner action against film piracy
Freedom and responsibility meet online in China
Property tax program not to go nationwide at present: minister
Tibet's Party chief reiterates Dalai Lama is 'wolf in monk's robes'
Top legislator urges universities to speed up innovation

China to build more hospitals while reforming health service
Education reform aimed at benefiting migrants
'Tibet will be stable even if he passes away'
Women at NPC and CPPCC
Union proposes rules to protect female workers
Tibet restricts foreign tourists over safety concerns
Trade surplus 'to decrease more'
Chinese leaders call for preparing for hardships and risks
College graduates employment important to Tibet: legislator
Lawmaker proposes tobacco sales bans around schools

Premier Wen to meet Japanese, ROK leaders in May
China may expand two-child policy to urban areas
FM: China opposes politicizing trade issues
China's fiscal expenditure to exceed 10 trln yuan
China's CEOs seek lower taxes at NPC session
SMEs call for flexible loan policies
China helps evacuate 2,100 people of 12 countries from Libya
China to maintain good working relations with next Japanese FM
China vows to deepen strategic partnership with EU
China-Africa relations remain sound despite African unrests

China to fulfill int'l obligations 'within capabilities'
China calls for favorable environment for developing countries
China's stance on East China Sea, Diaoyu Island consistent
China urges foreign journalists to abide by laws
China to abide by international norms in competition
BRICS commits no confrontation with developed countries
China opposes U.S. arms sales to Taiwan
China calls for early restart of six-party talks
China expects peaceful relationship of Asian countries
China not to advance interests at cost of others in development

Hu Jintao to visit Russia this year
China to host BRICS Leaders Meeting in April
Chinese leader to attend East Asia Summit in October
NPC focuses on equality
Income distribution reform on the way
Inflation putting heat on govt
Land available for 10 m new 'affordable homes'
Carbon intensity goals to be met
Chairman promises changes for Tibetans
China extends organ donation trial

Maintaining stability utmost important to Tibet: Party chief
Shanghai will pilot insurance exchange
New railway to cut short trip between Tibet, Xinjiang
Shanghai invests $3.7b on Disneyland project
FM holds press conference
China to "basically eradicate poverty" in 10 years
Hu calls for maintaining stability and carrying out reform in Tibet
Most provinces to make resident income grow as quickly as economy
Arbitrary blackout to meet energy-saving target not to happen again
Political advisors urge more support for private businesses

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