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China prepares to end GDP obsession
Central government backs HK to become offshore RMB center
Official: 'Street politics' impossible to succeed in Beijing
China to focus on people's livelihood in next five years
NPC press conference on blueprint of 12th five-year plan
Public rental housing to cool property market
China's Feb consumer prices to fall
Official says drought impact on grain limited
Taiwan issue key to Sino-U.S. ties: General
New energy targets to produce a greener nation

Fighting inflation to top the govt's economic agenda
Fight against 'rampant corruption' stepped up
Steel firm wants to diversify overseas
Regulators study railway loans in wake of corruption probe
Leaders deliberate gov't work report with national legislators
Lawmakers, political advisors demand foreign media to report China objectively
Hu reiterates transformation of economic growth pattern
China to continue developing high-speed rail network
China sets same growth targets for GDP and resident income
Accepting migrant workers as urban residents key to China's urbanization

Highlights of Premier Wen' s government work report
Key figures in government work report by Premier Wen
Key figures of China's central budget for 2011
China to import more consumer goods
China strives to readjust income distribution to stop yawning gap
China to play constructive role in solving global issues
China to spend 2.2% of GDP on R&D by 2015
China targets 7 pct annual growth of per capita income
Key targets of China's 12th five-year plan
China expects urbanization rate to be at 51.5% by 2015

China's top legislature opens annual session
China to control population below 1.39 billion by 2015
China to push forward market-based reform of interest rates
China faces extremely complex situation for development in 2011: report
China to intensify anti-corrupton efforts in 2011
China to accelerate economic restructuring in 2011
China to implement prudent monetary policy in 2011
New economic zone approved
NPC to start annual session
China to firmly curb excessive rise of housing prices

China targets GDP growth at about 8%
Hu stresses innovation, health, grain production
Agenda set for NPC session
Huang Youyi: China has stories to tell the world
People's well-being remains a top concern
Agenda set for China's parliamentary session
Shenzhen raises minimum wage by 20%
PLA generals confident of J-20 stealth fighter
Top legislature holds press conference
Medical reform challenges remain

Citizens hoping for higher income tax threshold
Dialogue with public stressed
Legislators applaud evacuation efforts
Macao chief to attend NPC opening
China planning carrier rocket for manned moon landing
Top political advisor vows to push forward democratic oversight
Highlights of Jia Qinglin's work report of CPPCC
Jia Qinglin delivers CPPCC work report
CPPCC starts annual session
Homes hot topic for lawmakers

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