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Qingdao ambitious to be exemplary city
China to inject 2.6 trillion yuan for Beibu Gulf economic zone's growth
NPC adopts 12th Five-Year Plan
Energy association official advises more investment in uranium exploration
Deputy optimistic about 12th Five-Year Plan
Sichuan aims to plug in to IT opportunities
Western China's 'time has come': Ningxia chairman
Lower growth targets a mighty task
Democratic process of planning
Harmonious diplomacy

People's livelihoods first
Welcome, new growth model
Labor crunch 'structural problem'
China targets 3.5% cut in energy consumption in 2011
More value-added Chinese exports expected
China plans to build Zhongguancun into another 'Silicon Valley'
China prepares to end GDP obsession
Carbon intensity goals to be met
New railway to cut short trip between Tibet, Xinjiang
China to "basically eradicate poverty" in 10 years

Most provinces to make resident income grow as quickly as economy
China prepares to end GDP obsession
Blacktop highway to reach all Tibetan counties in 5 years
Public rental housing to cool property market
NPC press conference on blueprint of 12th five-year plan
China to focus on people's livelihood in next five years
New energy targets to produce a greener nation
Official says drought impact on grain limited
China announces 16% cut in energy consumption by 2015
Applause, worry over China's new anti-smoking plan

China to import more consumer goods
China to control population below 1.39 billion by 2015
China unveils five-year development blueprint
China to spend 2.2% of GDP on R&D by 2015
China to reinforce expressway, high-speed railway networks by 2015
China targets 7 pct annual growth of per capita income
China sets growth target for new strategic industries by 2015
China announces clean energy plans for next five years
Key targets of China's 12th five-year plan
China expects urbanization rate to be at 51.5% by 2015

China's coastal manufacturing base to become R&D hub
China aims for greener economy over next 5 years
A time to address constraints
China to cap energy use at 4 bln tonnes of coal equivalent by 2015
China's 12th Five-Year Plan to boost domestic consumption
Outlook on the 12th Five-Year Plan
Looking back on the 11th Five-Year Plan
Development key to Xinjiang's stability
China to adjust personal income tax, develop new economic powerhouse
China likely to launch Mars probe in 2013

Local governments pledge new focus on happiness
China may establish global satellite navigation system by 2020
Political advisors urged to contribute to development plan
Green standards issued for rare earths
Carbon intensity targets unveiled
Cultural reform not commercialization: official
Xinjiang to overhaul air infrastructure
Sectors pile pressure on 2015 energy goal
Sichuan to invest heavily in 'wireless city' project
Food safety to become priority of ministry

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