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Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon
China moves to boost public trust
Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon
A good summer harvest likely for China
China says milk products safe, but restoring consumer confidence takes time
Stronger food safety regulations debated
Lawmakers will be targeting well-being
Rebuilding of disaster-hit areas resumes
Expert explains gov't public services plans
University president cautions against growing income gap

Food safety scandal 'heavy blow' to China's dairy industry
Villagers' future blowing in the wind
Affordable housing highlighted in curbing soaring home prices
8 mln more to be covered by health insurance
Gov't campaign against child begging
China plans $197b on affordable housing this year
Reforms to close gaps in mental health care
China spends $33.99 bln on civil affairs in 2010
China encourages philanthropy through legal, institutional measures
Healthcare assistance fund benefits 60 mln Chinese

Tibet's population more than doubles in 50 years
China welcomes foreign investment in programs for seniors
China to support social organizations
Top labor official hopes more grads go west
China's pledge to reduce poverty
Not ready to retire: many women wish to work beyond 55
China's aging population big challenge to pension system
China to build more hospitals while reforming health service
Education reform aimed at benefiting migrants
Resident income to grow in 2011-2015

NPC focuses on equality
Income distribution reform on the way
Land available for 10 m new 'affordable homes'
Chairman promises changes for Tibetans
China to "basically eradicate poverty" in 10 years
China to focus on people's livelihood in next five years
Public rental housing to cool property market
Blacktop highway to reach all Tibetan counties in 5 years
Accepting migrant workers as urban residents key to China's urbanization
China strives to readjust income distribution to stop yawning gap

People's well-being remains a top concern
Public rental apartments to be built for low- and middle-income households
Health minister declare free care for more leukemia children
Calls for improving rural education, health care
NPC deputy: China's seniors need better care
Shenzhen raises minimum wage by 20%
Medical reform challenges remain
Citizens hoping for higher income tax threshold
Citizens hoping for higher income tax threshold
Homes hot topic for lawmakers

Push for a 'ministry of children' gathers steam
China to take stronger measures to ensure food safety
Food safety will occupy higher place on agenda
Official calls for enhancement of people-oriented governance
Short-handed nursing homes close doors to many
Innovative university enrolls first class
Women's retirement may be delayed
Organ traffickers may get death penalty
'Livelihood issues' remain top concerns
Ningxia invests 41 bln yuan on livelihood projects

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