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China needs political reform
China to strictly control new local gov't debts
Chongqing pressed to reflect on Wang Lijun incident
China opposes clergy self-immolations to disrupt social harmony
Wen: China has no self-interests in Syria
HK to elect chief executive with vast majority support
Common culture expected to resolve cross-strait political grouches
Wen warns of another Cultural Revolution to happen
Wen willing to visit Taiwan after retirement
China needs to run own affairs well amid global downturn

Province lobbies hard for damming of Poyang Lake
Lawmaker suggests China keep death penalty
Si Fuchun wants Taijiquan on world heritage list
HK to display Buddhist relic
Increasing IPR cases 'a result of awareness'
Ex-Varyag Carrier may join PLA Navy in 2012
Protection of farmland enhanced, minister says
China's judiciary fights IPR violations
Shenzhou-9 may take female astronaut to space
Shanxi takes the lead in going green

Lawmakers', political advisors' microblog highlights
China's judiciary fights IPR violations
7 ministerial-level officials probed for corruption
176 Chinese procurators punished in 2011
China strengthens judicial protection of people's interests
Highlights of work report of Supreme People's Procuratorate
Top procurator delivers work report
Chinese courts handle 25 % fewer petitions in 2011
China vows to push forward judicial reform
China strengthens judicial protection of disadvantaged groups

Political advisor urges to promote cross-Strait ties
Chinese should know more about the world
China's high-speed rail on right track
Top judge delivers work report on Supreme People's Court
Political advisor calls for top-down learning from altruism icon
Let more lawyers defend criminal cases
Building Macao into world's leisure center
Political advisor calls for enhancing cross-Strait cultural exchange
Reforms urged to attract overseas Chinese
Political advisors urge developing culture with non-governmental efforts

Approval of nuke power projects expected to resume
Political advisor calls for non-profit social charity work
Deputies: Narrow urban-rural cultural gap
Draft amendment to Criminal Procedure Law ready for vote
Reform of toll ways urged
Political advisor calls for awareness of breastfeeding
Lawmaker proposes further moves to curb birth defects
Political advisor calls for law to curb domestic violence
Advisor: urgent need for rail safety measures
China enacting rules to facilitate migration

Former energy chief calls for policy support
Bear bile IPO bid gets little support
China reaffirms it will stick to socialist path
China promotes transgenetic research
Official denies mass suspension of high-speed railway construction
Law amendment targets illegally-obtained assets of runaway suspects
Clean energy giant eyes promotion of integrated PV
Legislation urged regarding online shopping
Partial transfer of gov't powers set to challenge laws
Chinese political advisor calls for film regulation

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