Get to know the NPC and CPPCC


The 'Belt and Road' Initiative a prime opportunity for Chinese dream

The "Belt and Road" Initiative will benefit China as well as all countries along the routes. Shared development is a prime opportunity in shaping the Chinese dream.

Messages from the NPC on China's diplomacy in 2015

The year 2015 will witness intertwined opportunities and challenges and the reshaping of international order.

Chinese women in need of a domestic violence law

China's first-ever domestic violence law will do much to stop prevalent domestic violence in the country.

Time for action

What impresses me the most about this year's Two Sessions is steady development and a quickened pace of rule of law.

Premier Li's Go game analogy makes much sense

As the country's economy slows, the priority for the government is to keep its growth stable in order to prevent unemployment from rising.

After the big meetings – now for the hard work

None of those attending the NPC and CPPCC sessions are in any doubt about the immense amount of work they now have ahead of them.

'Four Comprehensives' a road to prosperity

Top leader Xi Jinping's strategy for governing China and charting its development is known as the "Four Comprehensives". The strategy represents the basic direction of building a modern socialist society.

Anti-corruption law should have teeth

At the annual sessions of the National People's Congress, or China's top legislature, and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, its top advisory body, lawmakers said China should accelerate the drafting of national legislation on fighting corruption, because such legislation is critical to establishing the rule of law.

The rich have a role at two sessions

Should or should not more rich people attend the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee is a difficult question.

David Shambaugh's China collapse theory

Shambaugh openly mocked scholars like Gordon Chang who spent his career predicting China's collapse. Now he is doing the same thing.

New challenges of Chinese diplomacy

Because of China's economic prominence now, it does need messages by which the outside world can understand it.

China links economic prosperity with educational reforms

Among the many important topics at the current twin legislative sessions, educational system reform has high priority. Here the author sets out the main issues and proposed solutions.

China to combat violence committed in name of religion

China is enhancing its strength in joining the international efforts to combat various violence and terrorism attacks carried out in the name of religion.

Embrace the fight against corruption

When Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged a life-or-death fight against corruption in 2012, many Western observers and corrupt Chinese officials expected nothing more than a strong yet short-lived whirlwind.

Confidence crises, a threat to Chinese listings abroad

Despite the increase in overseas listings, Chinese companies still need to have a hard look at the confidence crisis that embroiled some of them in the U.S.
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